MTV’s ‘Slednecks’ Isn’t Particularly Offensive — So Will Anyone Care to Watch It?

The film Reality (by Gomorrah director Matteo Garrone), about a provincial Italian fisherman who dreams of being on Big Brother, and keeps dreaming himself into a series of delusions that bring his life crashing down, beautifully sums up the ambiguity of the whole reality TV genre in its very title. In the 21st century, nobody in their right mind mistakes reality TV for reality. The fact of it its factlessness is no epiphany — but reality TV also shouldn’t be mistaken for fiction, either. Stripped of the woes that befall fictitious characters — as fiction is typically written to emulate reality — bracketing people, who, as real people, are prone to tragedy and tragic missteps, into lighthearted, producer-planned dramas that are confined to producer-planned sleepovers or producer-planned outings, reality TV is a claustrophobic realm unto itself of enclosed, resolvable dramas. The “reality” in it is neither “reality” nor fiction as we know it. It’s something far more stifling. … Read More

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Paul Reubens Confirms Pee-wee Movie, Provides Voiceover for the New ‘Avengers’ Trailer

Paul Reubens is a man who has a weird, prickly relationship with the public ever since he was allegedly found… Read More

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Craig Ferguson’s Heavy Metal Buddies Metallica to Do Residency on ‘Late Late Show’

Craig Ferguson is, perhaps, the unsung hero of the late night landscape. The Scottish comedian is maybe best known… Read More

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Lily Rabe, Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, Everyone in the World to Appear on ‘AHS: Freakshow’

More news about things we haven’t heard about enough in the past month: American Horror Story: Freakshow and Neil Patrick Harris!… Read More

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Hulu Orders Full Comedy Series, ‘Casual,’ From Jason Reitman

Hulu, the green-hued streaming service best used for hunting down clips of NBC shows, is broadening its original content. It… Read More

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Watch Chris Rock and Bobby Moynihan Walk Around Rockefeller Center, Promote ‘SNL’

This Saturday, November 1, Chris Rock will be returning to host Saturday Night Live, and Prince is set to be the… Read More

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‘High Maintenance’ Season 5 Will Premiere on Vimeo on Demand on Nov. 11

Despite its newfound corporate funding, High Maintenance won’t be losing its buzz anytime soon. While formerly it was a self-produced passion… Read More

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