8 Great, Overlooked Shows From the 2013-2014 TV Season to Catch Up On Over Thanksgiving

So many great new TV series premiere every year that it’s impossible to watch them all, let alone attempt to cover them. A handful of wonderful little shows slipped below the collective radar during the 2013-2014 television season, overshadowed by the bigger shows that we couldn’t stop talking about. But that just means they’re perfect to watch later this week while hiding from your relatives and general Thanksgiving festivities. Here are eight overlooked TV shows to binge on during the long… Read More

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‘The Good Wife’ Season 6 Episode 10 Recap: “The Trial”

What a fucking mess.

When on its game, The Good Wife is easily one of the most amusing shows on television and the same thing can be said about the show with regards to its handling of its many dramatic moments. If we’ve learned anything from “The Trial” is that where the show fails is at attempting to seamlessly blend the two elements into something akin to harmonious. So disparate are the alternate sides of this week’s episode, its nigh impossible to talk about them as a cohesive whole so let’s break them up. … Read More

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‘The Affair’ Season 1, Episode 7 Recap: “7″

This week on The Affair: We almost get a good episode! At least one-half of one, that is! Maura Tierney continues to be slightly too good for this show and is making a character that feels half-written real and true. … Read More

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‘The Newsroom’ Season 3, Episode 3 Recap: “Main Justice”

We open on last week’s cliffhanger, with Gary “HR Nightmare” Cooper singing Cole Porter and walking in on the FBI. He swears—gotta relish your time on HBO while it’s still there!—and Mac yells about her wedding, but Charlie’s the one who actually gets his act together and does something. While he “calls” ACN’s West Coast office to “set up” a live broadcast of the raid, Don and Jim scramble to set up a functional newsroom, the thing it is their job as producers to do. Maggie shouts empowered stuff at her ex-boyfriends, like “Shut up!” and “Your fly is unzipped!” and “FUCK!,” and the FBI calls off the raid instead of calling Charlie’s bluff. … Read More

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The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Cameron Diaz

Trailers for the Annie remake featuring a tarted-up Cameron Diaz as the mean Miss Hannigan are cringeworthy (highlighting some of the problems actresses over 40 face), but Diaz has proven to be a gifted comedian so perhaps she stands a chance. It was disappointing to see that SNL followed suit by shoving her into a few tight skirts and some lingerie for tonight’s episode, but Diaz’s energy and professionalism steal the spotlight. This is her first time on the Studio 8H stage since 2005 (she’s hosted three times before), but Diaz doesn’t miss a beat. Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars bring the funk in a flashy set. See how it all went down, below. … Read More

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This Week’s Top 5 TV Moments: ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Reveals Its Murderer

There are scores of TV shows out there, with dozens of new episodes each week, not to mention everything you can find on Hulu Plus, Netflix streaming, and HBO Go. How’s a viewer to keep up? To help you sort through all that television has to offer, Flavorwire is compiling the five best moments on TV each week. This time: How to Get Away with Murder shows its title murder (spoiler ahead) — but hasn’t explained how to get away with it. Yet. … Read More

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FX and FXX Announce ‘Archer,’ ‘It’s Always Sunny,’ So Many More Shows Returning in January

Season six of Archer! The final season of Justified! The third season of The Americans! Season 10 (wow) of… Read More

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Showtime’s ‘Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued’ Might as Well Be Called ‘The Real World: Dylan Disciples’

It’s almost always a joy, at least for this longtime Dylan fan, to watch other artists interpret the Bard of Hibbing. Many of the tribute albums, the concerts, the film soundtracks (amidst pleasant straight-ahead covers) inevitably feature artists creatively mining Dylan’s back catalog, as Joan Baez did with “Love Is Just a Four Letter Word,” or reinterpreting the canon in the spirit of Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower.” The resultant tracks veer close to magic. … Read More

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‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Needs More Viola Davis, Less of Everything Else

If you want to know how to get away with murder, you’ll have to keep waiting for a while — who knows how these idiotic law students will fare come the end of the season? — but if you want to know how to get away with creating an addictive hit out of a mediocre story, then look no further than the first nine episodes of How to Get Away With Murder. (Hint: Just add Shonda Rhimes’ name to it.) This might sound harsher than I intend: I actually love How to Get Away With Murder, even though I recognize how frustratingly average it is, how boring any given case-of-the-week can be, how some of the characters fall into lazy boxes (but others, it should be said, are amazingly well written), and how the show focuses way more on steamy sex and rampant infidelity than, well, murder and justice. That said, I’m still completely on board with Murder, terrible plotting, laughable “twists,” and all. Spoilers ahead, of course. … Read More

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