‘Friends’ Central Perk Coffee Shop To Open in Manhattan

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Friends, Warner Bros. will recreate Central Perk coffeehouse in Manhattan next month. The pop-up coffee place… Read More

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Ranking the New Amazon Pilots from Best to Worst

When it comes to producing original content, Amazon Instant Video is wasting no time making sure there is a surplus of programming to help catapult it into the ranks of Netflix and Hulu. Amazon’s last “pilot season” was only back in February, and the four shows that were picked up have yet to be seen (although Transparent just got a September 26 premiere date). Nevertheless, on Thursday the site will release five more pilots to the public for viewers to watch and rate — the ratings will help determine which shows Amazon will pick up. The new pilots feature dramas and comedies with a wide array of premises. None are immediately gripping but a few are worth your time. Here, we rank the five from best to worst. … Read More

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Watch the First Official Trailer for Amazon’s ‘Transparent’

Transparent was easily the best offering from Amazon’s second pilot season. Created by Jill Soloway, the dark comedy follows a Los Angeles… Read More

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The ‘Dating Naked’ Lawsuit and a Brief History of Reality Shows Getting Sued

Last week, a contestant on VH1’s reality show Dating Naked filed a $10 million lawsuit against Viacom for failing to properly blur her genitals during a recent episode. Jessie Nizewitz was aware of the nudity going into the show — it is titled Dating Naked, after all, though the show obviously blurs out breasts and genitals — but says when her episode aired, viewers could briefly see everything during a segment when she playfully wrestles with her date. This may seem like an absurd news story, but reality shows are constantly getting slammed by lawsuits. … Read More

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John Oliver Makes a Brilliant Poop Analogy to Explain America’s Gender Pay Gap

Yet again, it takes a British comedian (one in particular) to explain, clearly, forcefully, and memorably,… Read More

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Martin Scorsese is Making a ‘Shutter Island’ TV Show for HBO

Martin Scorsese will direct a pilot for HBO based on his 2010 film Shutter Island. The project, tentatively titled Ashecliffe, will… Read More

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The VMAs and the Emmys: The Show Is Always More Important Than the Awards

For what’s supposedly TV’s biggest night, the Emmys don’t make for great TV. Lengthy and depressingly behind the times — in terms of both winners’ relevance and cartoonish sexism — the ceremony still has the power to provoke the aural equivalent of keyboard-smashing by, say, ignoring Orange Is the New Black. That’s because the Emmys, particularly in an over-saturated TV landscape like today’s, are actually supposed to mean something. Which might explain why the far more enjoyable awards show of the last 48 hours was also the far less consequential one. … Read More

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Why the Hell Does ‘Modern Family’ Keep Winning the Best Comedy Emmy?

There are certain traditions that we can count on in popular culture. Super Bowl parties. Oscar red carpet gawking. Beyoncé idolatry. MTV VMA hand-wringing. And every year, when the Primetime Emmys hand out their award for Outstanding Comedy Series, you can reliably depend on a nation of television viewers slapping their foreheads, gritting their teeth, and growling, “Jesus Christ, Modern Family AGAIN?!” And last night, as reliably as Yellowstone’s Old Faithful, ABC’s family sitcom won the prize for the fifth straight year. It has won every year it’s been on the air. Why, oh why, does this keep happening? … Read More

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Watch Billy Eichner and Seth Meyers Scream at People in an Emmys Edition of ‘Billy on the Street’

Billy Eichner and Seth Meyers filmed a very special episode of Billy on the Street to hype up last night’s Emmy… Read More

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