12 More ’90s TV Shows That We Absolutely Must Revive Immediately

If there was any remaining sliver of a doubt whatsoever that, seriously, you can get anything green-lit for at least a limited television run as long as it was previously on television, NBC has announced the revival we’ve all been waiting for: a 13-episode return of Coach. No, that’s not a typo, nor an Onion story, nor an early April Fool’s prank by Entertainment Weekly’s Twitter feed; Coach, the Craig T. Nelson/Jerry Van Dyke sitcom that you’ve somehow forgotten even existed despite the fact that it ran for nine seasons (from 1989 to 1997), a show that no one remembers fondly and no one wanted back on television except for maybe Craig T. Nelson, is coming back to television, 18 years after it disappeared. … Read More

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‘Scandal’ Season 4 Episode 17 Recap: “Put a Ring on It”

Is this the calm before the hurricane? After last week’s kinky Lena Dunham interlude, and with just four episodes left before the Season 4 finale, it seems like a fair question to ask. Though “Put a Ring on It” began on frantic note, with Olivia dragging all the Gladiators plus Abby and Cyrus out of bed in the wee hours of the morning, it turned out to be a relatively low-stakes episode focused on developing Cy’s character. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. … Read More

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‘Duck Dynasty’ Patriarch Tells Gruesome Story About Atheist Family, Incites Media Storm

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson is no stranger to controversy, and unsurprisingly finds himself at the center of… Read More

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‘SNL’ Cures Collective Cookie Withdrawal, Announces Taraji P. Henson as Host

For fans already experiencing withdrawal now that the first season of Fox’s Empire is over, Saturday Night Live has… Read More

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This Is Why Queen Elizabeth Refused to Sit Atop the Iron Throne

Queen Elizabeth is surely allowed to sit on regular chairs that aren’t strictly representative of English royalty; the life… Read More

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“I Am Not a Nature Poet”: Why Robert Frost Is So Misunderstood

“I am not a nature poet. There is almost always a person in my poems,” Robert Frost, born on this day in 1874 famously said. He saw how prone his dark, ironic, and complex poems — which take place against the backdrop of New England’s harsh and stunning natural landscape — were to misinterpretation. … Read More

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The Rumors Were True: ‘Downton Abbey’ Is Officially Ending

Get out your pocket handkerchiefs: after it was rumored last week that British period drama Downton Abbey would be cancelled after the… Read More

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Appalling New A&E Sex Worker Intervention Show ‘8 Minutes’ Met With Protests

A&E is launching a new “reality” “docudrama” series called 8 Minutes, featuring one of the more appalling concept in recent years. Set to premiere April 2, it’s basically an intervention-style TV show, except for sex workers, and under time pressure. An old interview with the producer at EW reveals that he’s also the man behind Sex Box, and this show is his bid for respectability. … Read More

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