Gabrielle Union Has Some Smart Things To Say About Ferguson, Sexism, and Diversity in Hollywood

Gabrielle Union recently gave an interview to Yahoo Style, and for a piece that ran in the site’s fashion vertical,… Read More

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Parks and Recreation’ Season 7 Episodes 5 and 6 Recap: “Gryzzlbox” and “Save J.J.’s”

After the emotional crescendo of Leslie and Ron’s rapprochment last week, the focus of last night’s Parks and Rec episodes swoops around among the other members of the gang, to our immediate benefit. These were two of this season’s most thoroughly satisfying episodes, with their scary-silly satire of tech culture and gentrification, the retirement of the Leslie-Ron feud and the return of “treat yo self.” … Read More

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In ‘The Americans’ Season 3, the Real War Is Over a Young Girl’s Beliefs

The greatest asset of FX’s The Americans is that it has always been less of a spy thriller and more of a compelling family drama. This isn’t to take away from the bloody but brilliant aspects of the inherently engaging story of two KGB agents posing as a married couple during the Cold War. Rather, it’s to praise how deftly this series balances the two vastly different narratives — espionage and family — and rarely misses a connection between them. What’s more, it makes the two narratives seem like two sides of the same coin instead of disparate stories. Season 1 brought together the job and the marriage, Season 2 developed the family as a whole, and now Season 3 has its sights set on indoctrinating 14-year-old Paige Jennings. … Read More

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The Case for Writing Workshops

Girls‘ recent exploration of the writing workshop has provided a rare opportunity to publicly explore the good and bad sides of the building block of creative writing instruction, known as just “workshop” to veterans. For those who don’t know, during workshop, one writer sits silently, offering up a previously-submitted piece of writing to discussion, analysis, and critique. During the allotted time, the teacher classmates will refer to “the writer” and “the writer’s choice” as if the person in the “hot seat” were absent (this is the mandatory silence that Girls‘ Hannah cannot maintain in class). Sometimes the writer gets a five-minute response window at the end, sometimes not. Often the critique begins with a “what works in this piece?” discussion before moving in to constructive criticism. The received wisdom of workshop is that you learn as much from dissecting the “craft” choices of your peers as you do from their dissection of your own work. In other words, everyone is learning from each others’ mistakes. … Read More

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Cosmo Made Berger from ‘Sex and the City’ Recreate the Post-It Breakup

You just know Ron Livingston must have two distinct kinds of interactions with fans: Office Space quotes being yelled back in… Read More

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Nick Jonas Joins Cast of Ryan Murphy’s Upcoming Show, “Screen Queens”

Perhaps instead of two new shows, both of which are spins on the premise of AHS, it’d behoove Ryan Murphy to give the original enough… Read More

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