Bill Hader to Host ‘SNL’ on October 11

These days, Bill Hader is hotter than New York’s hottest club (sorry about that one, Bill). Of course, unfortunately,… Read More

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Does Fox’s ‘Red Band Society’ Try Too Hard to Make Sick Kids’ Lives Funny?

There are some people who won’t watch Fox’s Red Band Society because they think a show about teenagers in a hospital will be too depressing. There are others who won’t watch it because they think a show about teenagers in a hospital will be too saccharine and sentimental. But judging by the pilot, which premieres tonight, the comedy-drama from Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television could pleasantly surprise both of those groups — if they bother to give it a shot. … Read More

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‘New Girl’ Season 4 Premiere Recap: “The Last Wedding”

Jess and Nick were never the heart of New Girl. For a while they appeared to be as they took over the majority of Season 3 with the beginnings of their romantic relationship and then the end of it. They were often the core of the show — Jess is, after all, the titular New Girl — but it was clear from day one that this sitcom works better as an ensemble piece. The roommates as one collective group (and I include Cece in this even though she’s still vastly underused) are the real heart of New Girl. The friendship is what keeps the show afloat and what keeps me coming back, as evidenced by this season premiere. … Read More

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‘Veronica Mars’ Spinoff ‘Play It Again, Dick’ Is Aimless, But Great Fun

The Veronica Mars movie was inevitable, and you can even make the argument that the novels were, too, because the show’s themes lend themselves well to a mystery series. A web series spinoff seemed less likely, especially one premiering ten years after the original’s run, starring a side character, and hosted by the network that canceled the show. But somehow today marks the premiere of Play It Again, Dick. Did we need a Veronica Mars web series? Not at all — but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. … Read More

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‘The Mindy Project’ Finally Commits — For Better and Worse

The Mindy Project‘s romantic comedy aspirations have been iffy at best. The genre is certainly in Mindy Kaling’s wheelhouse — she details her love for rom-coms in her memoir, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, and clearly understands the type of characters and the emotional beats that go along with it — but the general inconsistency and weak characters that plague The Mindy Project hinders these aspirations, causing the entire Danny/Mindy narrative to fall flat. It’s a shame, because their storyline is often the bright spot in a dull show, largely due to Chris Messina’s performance. As The Mindy Project enters its third season, tonight, it’s continuing to take small steps to better itself but still isn’t quite sure how to do that. … Read More

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The Competition Heats Up For Seven Actresses Vying For the Female Lead of ‘True Detective’

True Detective season two remains shrouded in mystery and rumors now, with the idea that it’s taking place in California… Read More

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Kristen Wiig and Ellen Sing Arresting “Let It Go” Duet

Kristen Wiig appeared on Ellen yesterday to promote her acclaimed dramedy The Skeleton Twins, and the two stopped everything to whip… Read More

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