Netflix Orders Season 4 of ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ Releases New Season 3 Clip

Season three of Orange Is the New Black will be available for streaming on June 12 on Netflix, and the company… Read More

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Netflix Is Adding Audio Tracks for Visually Impaired Customers

After visually impaired Daredevil viewers tweeted critically of the fact that Netflix now has a show with a blind protagonist that blind… Read More

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David Chase Says the Final Scene of ‘Sopranos’ Is All About “Don’t Stop Believing”

June 10, 2007, was perhaps the biggest blackout in American history. No — it wasn’t some national power outage,… Read More

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Is ‘Silicon Valley’ the Darkest Sitcom on TV?

Silicon Valley, the parody so eerily note-perfect it’s practically not a parody, returned to HBO this Sunday, and as befits a show about the country’s most intensely scrutinized industry, it’s already come up for breathless praise (so on point it’s basically a documentary!) and disappointed pans (so toothless it lets tech bros off the hook!). But while the second season has some new additions — more female characters, more scare tactics from Gavin Benson, more sub-genres of douchebag — the show has retained its defining characteristic and greatest strength: total, unremitting darkness. … Read More

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IFC to Air First Two Seasons of ‘Orphan Black’ in 21-Hour Marathon

Orphan Black fans can rejoice, and those who’ve avoided the show — using the sorry explanation that there was no point of entry in… Read More

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Paul Feig’s First TV Show Since ‘Freaks and Geeks’ Is Like ‘Community’ in Space

There are two exciting reasons to check out Yahoo Screen’s newest comedy series, Other Space: It comes from Freaks and Geeks‘ Paul Feig, the first TV series the Bridesmaids director has created since the cult classic, and it marks the reunion of Mystery Science Theater alumni Trace Beaulieu and Joel Hodgson. But even once that novelty wears off, Other Space remains a charmingly weird comedy — and Yahoo Screen’s first suitable companion… Read More

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Jon Stewart Hilariously Dissects Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Announcement

As everyone is probably aware, Hillary Clinton has declared her run for the Presidency, officially broadcasting commercials depicting herself… Read More

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HBO Announces Renewal of ‘Veep’ and “Silicon Valley’

As was wholly expected, HBO has renewed Veep for a fifth season; Silicon Valley, similarly, was renewed for a third. This comes on… Read More

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An Exhaustively Complete Food Tour of ‘Seinfeld’

Seinfeld’s magical nihilism seems to reach its peak with the juxtaposing of serious dramas with trivialities, the most common of which involve foodstuffs. The show’s gastronomical leaning is often, itself, toward the aggrandizing of the trivial: the gravity with which a food group that can only be described as “light nibbles” is dissected by the characters usually far outweighs that with which they approach larger meals, relationships, friendship, and, just generally: life. The takeaway may not be that Seinfeld is a show about “nothing.” Rather, it’s a show about everything, and how said “everything” is just a little less important than, say, a tiny mint, a very big salad, or the absence of a very delicious chocolate babka. After looking through this comprehensive guide to Seinfeld’s most crucial food references, you, too, might feel as though you’ve just stumbled upon the “meaning of it… Read More

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