Fantastical European Architectural Collages

The fictional collages of German artist Matthias Jung sprout from the misty hills and marshes like pastoral apparitions. They appear to be whimsical castles torn from the pages of a European folk tale. Jung’s architectural creations are seamless enough to make you do a double take (which we did after spotting them on Colossal) and charming because of their slightly stitched-together appearance. Details such as sheep grazing on grassy rooftops and miniature forests where we’d least expect them add to the fantastical structures. … Read More

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Spectacular Aerial Photos of San Francisco at Night

You may well recognize the work of photographer Vincent Laforet — he specializes in spectacular aerial vistas, and we recently featured his images of New York City at night. Laforet has now turned his attention to San Francisco, and the resultant series — also shot at night — is as breathtaking as one might expect. Click through to check out some of the images (via Faith Is Torment), and visit his website for plenty more. … Read More

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Are Pop Music and the Art World Getting a Divorce?

Is the unholy shotgun marriage between pop music and institutional high art about to end in divorce? It’s hard to say. But after MoMA’s fiasco-level failure of a Björk retrospective, a relationship built largely on shared megalomania, reputational gain, and, well, money, appears to be on the verge of collapse — like most celebrity marriages. … Read More

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Dr. Seuss Honored With a New Museum

Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel) is still making an impact on the lives of children (and adults) more than… Read More

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Intimate Portraits of ’90s New York City Squatters

During her time as an art student in 1992, Ash Thayer was kicked out of her Brooklyn apartment and found herself living in the See Skwat on New York City’s Lower East Side. Thayer photographed her fellow squatters as they lived and worked to make the community more habitable, learning about demo, electrical work, and more in order to build a home. The images are now part of the fascinating book Kill City: Lower East Side Squatters 1992-2000, the “true untold story of New York’s legendary LES… Read More

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What the Racist, Homophobic Kehinde Wiley Backlash Is Really About

Kehinde Wiley’s retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum is New York’s must-see art show of the spring. I saw it opening weekend; every weekend since then, my social media feeds have been full of my friends choosing different Wiley paintings to Instagram or tweet. Meanwhile, his works adorn the Lyon’s family mantlepieces in the hit show Empire. … Read More

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The Otherworldly, Neon Landscape of Nevada Casinos

The flashy casinos of Las Vegas and other gambling haunts are a mind-bending experience. Between the artificial lights and constant aural stimulation, it’s easy to feel disconnected from reality and lose all sense of time. Of course, that’s what casino owners are hoping for so that you keep spending your money. … Read More

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Can You Guess the Movies Behind These Stripped-Down Posters?

We always appreciate a good guessing game, which is why French artist Madani Bendjellal’s series of retouched movie posters without their titles rates high on our quiz list this week. Bendjellal, whose work we discovered on Fubiz, leaves just a few clues for film poster fans to figure out the name of these iconic movies, based simply on the artwork. It’s a great way to highlight the illustration and photography of each poster’s design. For the advanced visual guessing gamer, some of these will be easy to uncover, but Bendjellal has thrown in a few head-scratchers for good measure. Test your inner movie geek, and guess the identity of these untitled posters. … Read More

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50 Inspiring and Revolutionary Quotes From Avant-Garde Artists

A key figure in the New German Cinema movement, Wim Wenders is also an accomplished playwright, author, and photographer. His analytical essays, collected in volumes like Emotion Pictures: Reflections on Cinema and experimental documentaries such as Room 666, confirm Wenders’ status as a questing, medium-blurring artist. Wenders is in that sense an avant-garde icon. In time for the Museum of Modern Art’s exhaustive retrospective of his film work, we’ve compiled a series of quotes on art, process, and philosophy from like-minded boundary-leveling… Read More

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