Intricate, Masterful Cityscapes Drawn Entirely From Memory

In a world consisting of nearly endless numbers of the endless collections of grids that we call cities, buildings and trees and parks and river ways aren’t the first things that come to mind as intriguing subjects for black-and-white illustrations. You’d be mistaken, though, to ignore the creations of artist Stefan Bleekrode (via Beautiful/Decay). The Dutch illustrator meticulously draws and paints cityscapes from memory, resulting in partly true-to-life, partly better-than-real cities that contain enough detail to mesmerize for longer than even a genuine, beautifully composed photograph might. … Read More

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Beautiful Photos of American Landscapes (and a Very Handsome Dog)

There are times when I have many serious and considered things to say about art, and there are other times when I’m happy to go “OMG dog!” So it’s exciting to find (via Booooooom) a project that allows me to do both at once. It’s called “John and Wolf,” the “Wolf” in question being John Stortz’s adorable dog, and it documents their journeys around the US. The result is some really gorgeous landscape photography — Stortz clearly has an aptitude for composition and framing — as well as some lovely portraits of a beautiful animal. What more could you ask? … Read More

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Uber, Ebola, and Other Evils: Links You Need To See

Welcome back to the real world, weekenders. Remember Ebola? There was a panic here in the States because a handful of people, mostly medical professionals, in major American cities had gotten it–Dallas, Manhattan. There are no known cases of Ebola in the US at present. But there are in West Africa. As of December 4, there were more than 17,000 reported cases of Ebola, spread across Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea, and will likely blast through the CDC’s prediction of petering out at 20,000. But no one’s really talking about it anymore. Let’s talk about it. … Read More

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The Year’s Most Beautiful and Interesting Art Books

We could argue about the future of reading until the end of time, but there’s at least one type of book that you will always need to hold in your hands: the art book. This collection of ten gorgeous books covers subjects as diverse as tattoos, clothes, space, dogs, glamour, and fishermen. Any of them would make a wonderful holiday… Read More

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Eerie Photos That Explore the Relationship Between Women and Their Hair

We’ve seen a lot of hair art in the artosphere, including embroidered portraits made with real human hair. But the combination of photography, installation, and sculpture in Rebecca Drolen’s surreal works recently caught our eye (first spotted on Photojojo). “I am interested in exploring the fickle relationship most have with their body hair,” the artist writes on her website. “Once hair has become disconnected from our bodies, we treat it with disgust, yet it has an archival, lasting presence that outlives the body and defies death and decay. I am interested in the line between the beautiful and the grotesque in our connection with hair.” Drolen incorporates her hair pieces in real-life situations, playing off of feminine beauty ideals and themes of identity. Her hair artworks have taken over domestic spaces, reborn as curtains and water spilling out of a bathtub, making them all the more uncanny. … Read More

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The Best Photos From Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

The party ends at Art Basel Miami Beach tomorrow. The weeklong art fair celebrated its 44th year with the best in contemporary art from almost 300 galleries all over the world. This year’s celeb-filled slate included work from Miley Cyrus, a performance piece from New York City artist Ryan McNamara that “attempted to convey the experience of the Internet,” and several solemn nods to the tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri. We scoured social media for the best snaps from Art Basel for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to link us to your personal favorites, below. … Read More

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Backseat Confessions: A Taxi Driver’s Photos of His Most Eccentric Passengers

Taxi drivers are the confessors of our time. They meet us at our most harried, ready to embark on some of life’s great journeys: job interviews, the birth of a child, a flight around the world. The friendliest cabbies are happy to strike up a conversation — and people often feel a certain freedom to share things they might not even tell their loved ones. … Read More

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The Year’s Most Controversial Magazine Covers: 2014

What did we learn from the controversial magazine covers this year? It was an complicated and tumultuous year politically, although this year that didn’t leave us with boundary-pushing, banned-in-Boston covers like Rolling Stone‘s notorious Boston bomber selfie. We had a lot of conversations about famous women on magazine covers and what it all meant. The themes that keep cropping up, repeatedly, is that controversy comes when issues of class, race, and size are in the picture. Here are some of the covers we couldn’t stop talking about this year. … Read More

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