Ghostly Paintings of Horror Cinema’s Spookiest Houses

They symbolize our repressed fears and the other hidden complexities of our subconscious. The “haunted” house is a well-worn trope in horror cinema—but with good reason. If you need proof of our enduring fascination with these ominous, labyrinthine spaces, look no further than our current obsession with modern haunted houses like Blackout and immersive theater experiences that lead audiences into a darkened interior (Then She Fell, Sleep No More, Speakeasy Dollhouse). Artist Candice Tripp evokes the “haunted” houses of cinema in her series of paintings (in ghostly black and white) featuring film’s spookiest abodes. From modern favorites like The House of the Devil and The Conjuring to classics such as Halloween and The Omen, the smaller scale of Tripp’s artworks—which feature swirling, phantasmagorical brushwork—lure us closer to explore the curious and dangerous entities within. … Read More

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Watch Trailer for Jean-Luc Godard’s New Film, ‘Goodbye to Language’

Jean-Luc Godard may be turning 84 this year but he’s not done making movies. His latest, Adieu au Language (Goodbye to… Read More

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Kara Walker Knew People Would Take Dumb Selfies With ‘A Subtlety,’ and That Shouldn’t Surprise Us

The sphinx is long gone and the Domino Sugar Factory is well on its way to becoming a luxury housing complex, but the conversation surrounding Kara Walker’s A Subtlety, the art installation/social media phenomenon of the summer, isn’t quite over yet. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times’ Carolina Miranda, Walker spoke at length about A Subtlety for the first time since its July 6th close date, and especially the part of the piece many onlookers assumed Walker hadn’t planned out: the audience’s reactions. … Read More

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Exclusive Photo Gallery: The People of New York Comic Con 2014

Comic Con: a place for all your dreams to come true… that is, if you’ve ever dreamed of being a superhero, a Wookie, a Lego figure, or, um, a penguin. As ever, this weekend’s New York event attracted dedicated cosplayers from around the country (and around the world), and the results of their labor were some truly extravagant and remarkable costumes. Our ace photographer Andrew Boyle was there all weekend with his camera, and the result is a bumper photo gallery of some of the best portraits we’ve ever had the honor of publishing. Click through and check them out! … Read More

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Mega Minimalist Movie Posters: Can You Guess the Films?

Great design stands the test of time. In the case of these iconic film posters, abstracted by London-based designer and art director John Taylor, the images are resilient enough to remain recognizable even when given the minimalist treatment. Taylor’s Film the Blanks series, which we first learned about on Co.Design, remixes cinema’s most famous one-sheets down to their core elements. He posts the images on his website and encourages readers to participate in a guessing game. “ evolved from a personal project into a daily global quiz and jumped from computer screen to silkscreen as a series of limited edition prints,” Taylor writes. So for contemporary film poster fans who prefer Taylor’s stripped down versions instead of the originals, he has various ephemera available for sale on his website. In the spirit of Taylor’s quiz, we’ve featured ten of his designs past the break—with the titles blacked out (highlight or double-click to view). … Read More

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Stunning Photos of the World’s Oldest Living Organisms

If you’ve done any kind of traveling outside the United States, it will quickly dawn on you just how young America really is. Brooklyn-based artist, 2014 Guggenheim Fellow, and TED speaker Rachel Sussman has photographic evidence. Her The Oldest Living Things in the World series, which we first spotted on Photojojo, documents the artist’s research and travels across continents in search of the world’s oldest inhabitants—continuously living things that have weathered 2,000 years or more. … Read More

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Gorgeous Cult Movie Posters Spotlight Unforgettable Characters and Scenes

The collage-style movie poster can be a cliché, a Photoshop nightmare, or both, but Polish designer Grzegorz Domaradzki manages to make it beautiful and new again in a series of lovely illustrated posters. From Mulholland Drive to True Romance to Fargo, the images below (spotted via BOOOOOOOM!) are sure to remind you of your favorite characters and moments from cinema’s most beloved cult classics. … Read More

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Maps Reimagine American Cities as Tolkien-esque Fantasylands

We all have our escapist fantasies. Some might live them out by going on, say, a Quilting or Saw-themed cruise (same crowd, really), some might steal away to an idyllic countryside Boot and Breakfast; others escape simply by re-imagining the places in which we live — and of which we so often tire — as fantastical settings. For example, in just about every city, it’s quite easy to translate Lord of the Rings locations to various neighborhoods: any city’s stagnant body of water/ mafia dumping-ground is obviously the Dead Marshes, any city’s mayoral office could be the Eye of Sauron, and any junior high could be that muddy mess where the Uruk-Hai are made. … Read More

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Delightful GIFs Bring Street Art to Life

Just as street art livens up urban landscapes, A.L. Creg livens up street art. The Spanish photographer and motion designer transforms the still images that decorate cities into playful animated GIFs. Click through to see some of Creg’s best work, spotted via My Modern Met, and follow him on Tumblr for updates. … Read More

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The Dark, Disconcerting Surrealism of Herbert List

Surrealism wasn’t all fun and games, y’know — for every melting Dalí clock or playful Magritte pipe/non-pipe, there’s a scalpel slicing into an eyeball or a disconcerting piece of psuedo-Freudian weirdness. German photographer Herbert List’s work definitely tended toward the latter end of the surrealistic spectrum, as amply demonstrated by this selection of images, which recently resurfaced on art blog Beautiful Decay. The images are of anatomy models, with their skin peeled back to reveal whatever artificial viscera that medical students were supposed to be studying, but the way List photographs them makes them look awfully, awfully lifelike. Start your Wednesday with these, and thank us for the rest of the day! … Read More

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