Photos of Pinup Pioneer Bunny Yeager and Her Bombshells

Influential pinup photographer Bunny Yeager, who helped transform the previously hush-hush enterprise into an art form, passed away last month. Previously a model herself, Yeager’s images broke through her subjects’ obvious physical beauty and shone a spotlight on their personalities and inner world. Most famous for shooting over 1,000 images of pinup queen Bettie Page in the 1950s, and the iconic photo of bikini-clad Bond Girl Ursula Andress emerging from the water in 1962’s Dr. No, Yeager is currently the subject of a Las Vegas exhibition on view until July 20. Bunny’s Bombshells at Sin City Gallery chronicles Yeager’s rise to fine art photographer in a male-dominated world. “Almost all of the girls I asked easily agreed to pose for me, because they knew I wasn’t going to flirt with them like the men photographers did,” she once recalled. Browse a preview of the exhibition in our gallery. Visit Sin City’s website for more information. … Read More

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Sculptures of Gem-Encrusted Pharmaceuticals Imagine Healthcare as a Luxury Item

It’s strange — and striking — to see prescription bottles and blister packs encrusted in Swarovski crystals, and pills instead of gemstones set in rings. But, as the artist Judith G. Klausner writes, “In a country where (despite a long and protracted political battle) many of our citizens still don’t have access to affordable medical care, our medications are often a major expense. Individual pills can cost as much as precious gems.” As well as a visual representation of the healthcare crisis, her series Coming Out of the Medicine Cabinet (spotted via Junk Culture) is a plea to end the secrecy and shame surrounding medical issues. … Read More

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Everything Is for Sale: Andy Warhol’s Colorful Commissioned Work

There are all these different ways we know Andy Warhol: pop art icon, filmmaker, Velvet Underground “producer,” Brooks Brothers aficionado… but maybe most importantly, Warhol was a hustler who would create something for anybody as long as the money was right. And as you can see in Andy Warhol: The Complete Commissioned Posters (Prestel), he did plenty of that. Housed in between covers adorned with Warhol’s hot-pink ad for Perrier from 1983, the book goes beyond typical coffee-table art book status, diving deep into Warhol’s creative process with sketches and stories behind the posters. … Read More

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‘The Man, The Writer, and His Cigarette’: Szilvia Molnar Hilariously Recreates Male Writers’ Smoking Author Photos

Szilvia Molnar’s photo series, “The Man, The Writer, and His Cigarette” has been a bright spot on Twitter, illuminating the self-seriousness that drives many male author’s cool-guy headshots with funny, amateur recreations. As of this week, the artist and writer — who works in the publishing industry — has tackled a variety pack of male writers from around the world: Mr. My Struggle himself, Norwegian writer Karl Ove Knausgaard, along with England and Brooklyn’s Martin Amis, Swiss writer Peter Stamm, and, of course, Brett Easton Ellis, as American as apple pie. We can only hope that she finds a photo of Jonathan Franzen smoking (rumor has it he does smoke weed). … Read More

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Fascinating Photos of a Rural Feral Cat Colony

Clearly, you can’t go wrong with pictures of cats on the Internet, but these images by Wisconsin photographer Jason Houge are a long way from the world of LOLcats babbling in 36-point Impact. They document a colony of feral cats that live near Houge’s rural home, and do an excellent job of capturing the animals’ personalities and the lives they lead — you’re reminded that despite how close they can be to humans, cats are as alien to us as any other animal, driven by primal motivations and a view of the world that’s very different from ours. The pictures — which we spotted at Feature Shoot — are for sale here, with proceeds going toward the medical care and feeding of the colony. … Read More

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‘The Calm Before the Storm’: Unsettling Photos of Ukrainian Protestors Lying in Wait

The world has been riveted by the protests taking place in Kiev, Ukraine since late last year, a deep political unrest that seems to be getting much worse. While for months this movement was front-page news, coverage has lessened after the media seemingly reached a saturation point — though the situation remains dire. In the absence of continued reporting, it is evocative photography that may help us better understand the emotional toll the situation is still taking on Ukrainian citizens. Photographer Marco Kesseler documents the movement in his series This Land of Ours That Is Not Ours, which we spotted on It’s Nice That. … Read More

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Bleak, Evocative Photos of Lonely Desert Buildings

There’s something particularly compelling about the desert landscape, and also about the towns one finds there. They’ve long been a source of fascination for photographers, and Boston-based photographer Ed Freeman is the latest to head west in search of subject matter. The curious buildings he captures in these photos — which we spotted at Faith is Torment — are straight out of Baghdad Café or Paris, Texas. The buildings are apparently all in Southern California, and as the artist’s statement points out, they “represent the failed efforts, false starts, and dashed dreams of its owners.” … Read More

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Susan Hashtag, Oh No She Didion’t, and Other Punny Illustrations of Cultural Icons

Catherine Pearson’s Vaguely Important People series offers irreverent twists on subjects most would consider very important: from W.B. Yeats to Susan Sontag, Pearson tweaks art museum and college bookshelf staples into playful, pun-laden illustrations. Considering Sontag’s views on photography, we don’t imagine she’d be too happy with her portrait as a selfie-taking hashtag addict, but along with “DJ W.B. Beatz” and “Jane Birkinstock,” she’s certainly in good company. All of Pearson’s prints are available for purchase here; click through for a look at a sampling of her VIPs. … Read More

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Unsettling, Strangely Mesmerizing Photos of Domestic Homicide Crime Scenes

Angela Strassheim’s haunting photo series Evidence, which we first learned about on Beautiful/Decay, captures domestic homicide crime scenes. “The crime scene is presented on two levels,” the artist explains. “It is both an accurate, tragic, and dramatic transcription of the event and a mysterious backdrop onto which one can project their imagination.” Darkened interiors, in which the only light emanates from a galaxy of blood splatter solution, the glow of a television, and the rays of sun peeking through window blinds and cracked doors, offers a strange and intimate view of the morbid setting. We see pillows where people once rested their heads, bathtubs where they soaked, and the kitchens where meals were shared. Strassheim alternates these interior images with straightforward shots of the homes’ exteriors, but we’re transfixed by the horror and beauty of the domestic scenes. … Read More

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French Nightclubs Photographed During the Day

As anyone who has frequented a nightclub can attest to, it’s a whole different world when the lights come on. Photographer Francois Prost, whose work we discovered on Fubiz, has captured that phenomenon — but from the outside. Since 2011, Prost has been documenting the move these nighttime establishments are making from the city to the outskirts of France and Belgium. He photographs the startling transformation various suburban French discotheques undergo in the daytime. Gone are the dark, neon-lit dance palaces that seem to thrum to the beat. Instead, we see the worn walls of the nightclubs. Their garish signs stand out against vast fields and industrial parks, with grubby lots and garbage-filled corners. The images evoke that hazy, surreal feeling one might have when leaving the club after a long night of dancing, stepping into the blinding light. … Read More

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