Two Lovers’ Bodies Fuse Into a Single Form in Provocative Painted Photos

Surely this isn’t what the Spice Girls intended in “2 Become 1″: artist Rik Garrett‘s Symbiosis series depicts couples in various positions and stages of entwinement who have quite literally fused, flesh to flesh, and become a single being. Garrett writes that the aim of these images, created by painting on top of photographs, is “erasing the boundaries of the human body” to create “a physical union made tangible by desire.” Whether the result comes across as “the perfect being,” as the artist suggests, or something out of the body-horror canon will depend on the viewer. Either way, Symbiosis (spotted via Beautiful/Decay), is the kind of art that’s captivating enough to catch your eye — and keep it. … Read More

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Björk Getting MoMA Retrospective

Everyone’s favorite Icelandic pop innovator — Björk, of course — will be honored with a retrospective at the Museum… Read More

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Cruise America With Foster Huntington’s Gorgeous Photos of #VanLife

Foster Huntington is a storyteller, cruising around America with a van and a surfboard, documenting (on film) the beautiful souls that he meets along the way. Huntington was a liberal arts grad working in New York City when he started a blog called The Burning House, which asked: if your house was on fire, which objects would you save? The blog quickly went viral and became a full-fledged book through Harper Collins, and Huntington bought a van and became a road dog with the money from his book advance. His second book, Home Is Where You Park It, is now available online and has been seen in the wild at Urban Outfitters. Here’s a sampling of some of his dreamy, beautiful photos about #vanlife, as he calls it, taken from his Tumblr, Out of Reception. … Read More

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Lana Del Rey’s Music Isn’t Subversive, and Neither Is Terry Richardson’s Art

Like New Girl‘s Schmidt with his Douchebag Jar, music critics should have to pay some kind of fine just for writing about Lana Del Rey in 2014. Throw Terry Richardson into the mix, as I’m about to do, and I should probably just hand over my whole week’s salary. But I promise you that I came to this “thinkpiece” honestly, not cynically, for all the good that does us both. … Read More

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Strangely Moving Photos of Abandoned NYC Buildings

Photos of decaying urban environments are all the rage these days, and while some of them are probably deserving of the “ruin porn” epithet that gets thrown at them, the majority have a curiously compelling and emotive quality to them. NYC photographer Will Ellis was something of a pioneer of this style — his blog Abandoned NYC is dedicated to exploring the forgotten corners of the city, and his photos are both fascinating and somehow deeply moving (especially since many of them catalog the ruins of asylums and hospitals — the majority of these pictures are from North Brother Island). One of our favorite photo blogs, the consistently excellent Feature Shoot, recently took a look at Ellis’ work. Here are some of the highlights. … Read More

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Kanye West’s Secret Weapon Is His Versatility

Late last year, in what seemed like a lost bet with his label Def Jam, Kanye West did a nationwide commercial radio tour. I’m not talking about the next-level Zane Lowe BBC interview everyone raved over, I’m talking about Kanye going to pop and “urban”-format radio stations with cheesy DJs in nearly every major market where his Yeezus Tour stopped. Some of these interviews made headlines, but mostly the DJs were intimidated by Kanye and let him ramble on about whatever he damn well pleased, be it Adidas or Kardashians. … Read More

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11 Hilarious Women in Pop Culture (Who Aren’t Comedians)

It’s a fact: women are funny. Comedians like Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, Amy Schumer, and the Broad City babes are making the world better with every weird joke that they make. But there’s also a strain of really awesome humor out there, coming from witty women working in (nominally) serious art forms. Whether it’s a laconic singer-songwriter who’s one-liner city or very serious writers who are writing for the very serious The New Yorker, there are all sorts of women whose work can use humor as a deadly weapon. Here’s a list of pop culture’s funniest women who aren’t professional jokesters, per se. … Read More

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Hidden Picasso Painting Discovered Underneath Early Masterpiece ‘The Blue Room’

As technological advances thrust us into the future, they can also illuminate the past: new infrared technology helped scientists and… Read More

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Is Terry Richardson an Artist or a Predator? Both, Most Likely

Last week, word got out that New York magazine was working on a cover story about Terry Richardson. This wasn’t remarkable news in and of itself, given that Richardson is rarely out of the headlines these days, but the word on the street (or, at least, the Gawker network) was that the story was pro-Richardson, allegedly setting out to absolve the photographer of all the accusations against him. As it turns out, the story doesn’t go quite that far, but it does provide a startlingly sympathetic portrait of a man who’s basically toxic these days. As an insight into Terryworld, it’s a fascinating read. As a piece of journalism dealing with the allegations against Richardson… well, not so much. … Read More

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Flavorwire Exclusive: Striking Photos of Brooklyn as Seen From Elevated Subway Lines

I’m always riding the subway around Brooklyn to do photo expeditions in one location or another, and it’s often occurred to me that some of my favorite views of New York City can be seen from the subway itself. The problem is, shooting photos from an elevated train means shooting through warped, scratched, and filthy plastic windows. Or maybe that’s not a problem after all? One day this past February, with the city blanketed in snow and illuminated by amazing winter light, I decided to toss my perfectionism aside for a month and make a virtue of necessity, shooting a series of warts-and-all landscape photos from Brooklyn’s elevated subway lines — called, naturally, Elevated Landscapes. Since there’s no other way to capture these particular shots, aside from possibly renting a helicopter, it seemed a shame to let them get away. And I think the smudges and distortion add a certain quality that I’d never have been able to achieve in Photoshop. … Read More

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