‘Restricted Areas': Photos of Forgotten Futures Fading Into the Snow

Russian photographer Danila Tkachenko’s series Restricted Areas, which we spotted via Faith is Torment, is a catalog of what the artist calls “secret cities that cannot be found on maps, forgotten scientific triumphs, abandoned buildings of almost inhuman complexity… the perfect technocratic future that never came.” The fact that because this is Russia, all Tkachenko’s locations are whited out by apparently endless snow, only makes the photos more starkly beautiful. You can see more of the photographer’s work at his website. … Read More

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Intimate Photos of the DC Underground Drag Scene

In Ryan Florig’s photo series Tuck, the artist takes us behind the scenes of the DC underground drag scene, where the wigs come off. First spotted on Juxtapoz, Florig hopes to change the public’s perspective of the city’s drag queens, revealing intimate and glamorous moments as the ladies dress for the evening’s festivities. The camaraderie amongst the group is clear. But Florig’s camera doesn’t miss a moment and shows us when things get a little raunchy, too. The images are honest and not just invested in the facade. Florig’s black-and-white palette is striking and allows us to focus on the people behind the outrageous makeup and costumes. … Read More

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Remembering the Cool Covers of Cult Cinema Magazine ‘Psychotronic Video’

What started as a hand-written, photocopied weekly fanzine became a time capsule of horror, exploitation, and weird cinema. Psychotronic Video, self-published and created by Michael J. Weldon, was born in the 1980s as “an alternate guide to movies on local TV stations.” The definition of “Psychotronic cinema” is long and varied, but one look at the covers of Weldon’s zine, several of which we spotted on Dangerous Minds this week, and you get the picture. Think grindhouse, drive-in, and science fiction matinée. Along with Weldon’s famous reviews were interviews with cult filmmakers like Larry Cohen, Timothy Carey, and Radley Metzger. The Psychotronic Encyclopedia Of Film was published in 1983, before Weldon even owned a VCR. There was a Psychotronic store in New York City’s East Village for a time, until high rents forced Weldon out. He’s since opened a Psychotronic store in Augusta, Georgia — but Psychotronic Video lives on amongst fans of collectible cult ephemera. Head to our gallery for monsters, shrieking women, and nods to the coolest cult films in cinema. … Read More

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A Makeup Artist Debunks Those Unretouched Beyoncé Photos

Another day, more fake internet outrage. Yesterday, fansite Beyoncé World posted hundreds of unretouched stills from Bey’s 2013 L’Oréal ad campaigns (for Feria and Infallible lipstick), proving once and for all that the pop star has — wait for it — real human SKIN! The kind that is susceptible to pimples! Clearly every previously held perception of Queen Bey is shattered at the realization that she is a mere mortal. I’ll wait while you dismantle your shrine(s) to her.

… Read More

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Stunning Close-Up Photos of the Natural World From ‘Animal Earth’

In Animal Earth: The Amazing Diversity of Living Creatures, zoologist Ross Piper shares stunning photos of the animals who are the building blocks of our world. His photos capture a side of the animal kingdom we don’t see so often, and in this gorgeous book, we get new appreciation for the little guys and the microscopic specks of dust who are essential to the evolution of humanity and the earth. The book’s available March 20, but Thames and Hudson were kind enough to share an exclusive gallery of photos — click through for our favorites. … Read More

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The Surprisingly Diverse History of Skinhead Culture, in All Its Controversial Forms

“You don’t have, like, Coldplay claiming they were skinheads,” tireless punk archivist, curator, and artist Toby Mott explains, “but everyone says they were punk. Everyone. Bono, whoever. Punk was very fashionable — and huge. That’s what’s intriguing about it.”

By the looks of Mott’s new book, skinhead culture is just as intriguing, albeit for different reasons. Released last December, Ditto Press and The Mott Collection’s Skinhead: An Archive explores the sociopolitical ideologies that made England’s skinhead subculture polarizing even internally. … Read More

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Jaw-Droppingly Intricate Crayola Mini-Sculptures of Pop Culture Characters

There aren’t that many totally universal experiences, but it seems safe to say that most of us spent a fair amount of our childhood with a crayon in our hands (or, more accurately, in our hands and our mouths. Just me?). Yet after they’re broken or melted (or eaten!), most of us just throw them away — but not Hoang Tran. This multimedia artist ingeniously carves large crayons into icons of popular culture, with carefully applied melted wax from other crayons adding color accents. It sounds far too time-consuming and delicate for an impatient clod like your correspondent, but Tran’s done a ton of these amazing mini-sculptures, so we’ve picked a few of our favorites; check out the full assortment over at his Tumblr. … Read More

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Photorealistic Paintings Give Vintage Photos a Cultural Makeover

David Lyle is a cultural archaeologist, digging through thrift store bins, online auctions, and flea market photo stacks for the perfect subjects. The New York City-based artist, whose work we discovered on Design you Trust, reimagines lost snapshots from the ‘50s through ‘70s in his oil paintings, adding modern details that mock, celebrate, and comment on American nostalgia. Most of his transformations are naturalistic and seamless, which presents an uncanny meeting of the past and present. … Read More

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Moody Paintings of Drive-In Theaters Showing Classic Films

Artist Andrew Valko captures the allure of the drive-in theater and those larger-than-life faces on the silver screen that beckon to us in the dark. His series of moody paintings also features power lines, street signs, car interiors, and the rolling landscape — but it’s those Hollywood stars on the big screen whose expressions mesmerize. The series is nostalgic, yet oddly futuristic at the same time due to the inclusion of highways and a neon light emanating from each artwork. Take a closer look in our… Read More

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