Spectacular Aerial Photos of San Francisco at Night

You may well recognize the work of photographer Vincent Laforet — he specializes in spectacular aerial vistas, and we recently featured his images of New York City at night. Laforet has now turned his attention to San Francisco, and the resultant series — also shot at night — is as breathtaking as one might expect. Click through to check out some of the images (via Faith Is Torment), and visit his website for plenty more. … Read More

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Intimate Portraits of ’90s New York City Squatters

During her time as an art student in 1992, Ash Thayer was kicked out of her Brooklyn apartment and found herself living in the See Skwat on New York City’s Lower East Side. Thayer photographed her fellow squatters as they lived and worked to make the community more habitable, learning about demo, electrical work, and more in order to build a home. The images are now part of the fascinating book Kill City: Lower East Side Squatters 1992-2000, the “true untold story of New York’s legendary LES… Read More

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The Otherworldly, Neon Landscape of Nevada Casinos

The flashy casinos of Las Vegas and other gambling haunts are a mind-bending experience. Between the artificial lights and constant aural stimulation, it’s easy to feel disconnected from reality and lose all sense of time. Of course, that’s what casino owners are hoping for so that you keep spending your money. … Read More

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Otherworldly Aerial Photos of Blue Salt Fields in Australia

As far as landscapes that look like they’re from another planet entirely go, Australia is right up there with Iceland and parts of South America. Still, despite being a native of Australia, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like these remarkable images from photographer Simon Butterworth, which we spotted at Russian culture site Look at Me. They’re aerial photos of salt fields in the country’s north, and they look more like abstract photos of crystals than they do like a landscape. There’s more of Butterworth’s work at his website. … Read More

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Björk-Inspired Tumblr Showcases Female Electronic Artists at Work

“I spend 80% of the writing process of my albums on my own…The 20% of the album process when I bring in the string orchestras, the extras, that’s documented more. That’s the side people see. When I met M.I.A., she was moaning about this, and I told her, ‘Just photograph yourself in front of the mixing desk in the studio, and people will go, ‘Oh, OK! A woman with a tool, like a man with a guitar.'” So Björk told Pitchfork this January; Female Pressure is a response to that advice. The network of female electronic artists posts images of its members in the studio on its Tumblr, and we’ve collected some of our favorites here, along with the artists’ names and a link to their music. Click through and check out the images of women at work. … Read More

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Fantastic Cosmic Vistas Created With Food and Household Goods

Food, the final frontier? It’s one of the great wonders of the universe that structures that exist on a cosmic scale tender to resemble those that exist on a microscopic one (compare and contrast this map of galactic superclusters and this one of synapses in the human brain, for instance). Still, you might be taken aback to know that the sci-fi scenes depicted in the work of Brooklyn photographer Navid Baraty (which we spied at Faith Is Torment) are created entirely from the contents of his pantry. In Baraty’s hands, a glass of coconut milk becomes a planet, and baking soda and curry powder combine to form a galaxy. It’s a neat trick, and surprisingly effective. Click through to see some of our favorites, and check out Baraty’s Behance page for plenty more. … Read More

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David Williams’ ‘Ponycon Portraits’ Capture My Little Pony Fandom, From Kids to Bronies

David Williams is a Brooklyn-based photographer who has an eye for portraiture. In his recent Ponycon Portraits series, taken at February’s 2015 Ponycon in Brooklyn, he captures the range of My Little Pony fandom, from little girls to the infamous “bronies” (adult male fans of My Little Pony). Williams, a 2011 Art Institute of Colorado graduate, says that “it was important for me to show how diverse the convention is and how passionate these fans are about My Little Pony, whether they be a male, female, or child.” The results are honest and striking. Click through for a selection of Williams’ Ponycon Portraits, and visit his official website and Instagram to see more. … Read More

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Moving Photos of Long-Married Couples

UK-based photographer Lauren Fleishman was inspired to create her The Lovers series after finding a collection of letters her grandfather had written to her grandmother during World War II. Tucked inside a book next to his bed, the letters revealed the history of her grandparent’s relationship, chronicling the young love that brought them together. “They connected me to my grandfather and his 59-year marriage in a way that I had no been able to connect to him in life,” the artist writes on her website. Since then, Fleishman has recorded the love stories of long-married couples across the world, photographing them during intimate moments together. From Fleishman’s publisher: … Read More

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‘Restricted Areas': Photos of Forgotten Futures Fading Into the Snow

Russian photographer Danila Tkachenko’s series Restricted Areas, which we spotted via Faith is Torment, is a catalog of what the artist calls “secret cities that cannot be found on maps, forgotten scientific triumphs, abandoned buildings of almost inhuman complexity… the perfect technocratic future that never came.” The fact that because this is Russia, all Tkachenko’s locations are whited out by apparently endless snow, only makes the photos more starkly beautiful. You can see more of the photographer’s work at his website. … Read More

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