These Photos of Teenagers Moshing Will Make You Feel Young (and Punk) Again

The teenage years may be the most self-conscious stage of most people’s lives, but as any high school punk rocker knows, the prying eyes of teachers and parents and popular kids can’t touch you in the mosh pit. Emily Stein’s Saturday Mosh series captures this feeling completely, in sweaty, closeup photos of teens — and even, from the looks of it, tweens — dancing like no one’s watching. Click through to vicariously relive your misspent… Read More

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Say Goodbye to Summer With Bethany Marie Olson’s Hazy Photos of Youth in the Wilderness

Who knows when the bulk of these photos by Bethany Marie Olson were taken, but there’s something about their hazy, fading light that feels like August to the core. The Seattle-based photographer (first spotted on BOOOOOOOM!) has an eye for the moment when the day is fading and night begins its descent, and her portraits of lost youth in the wilderness evoke mystery and beauty. Click through for some selections from Olson’s portfolio, all of which highlight her particular talent for finding the perfect slant of light. … Read More

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Photos of the Magnificent Ritual Costumes Worn by Bolivia’s Traditional Healers

Thomas Rousset and Raphaël Verona photographed the spiritual healers, medicine men, and witch doctors of the Altiplano region of Bolivia during their travels through South America. The surreal and colorful photos, first spotted on Scene 360, reveal a culture steeped in tradition, evident in the elaborate ritual costumes worn by the healers — mythical beings brought to life. Glimpses of modern technology take on an ominous tone, encroaching upon the ancient practices. … Read More

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Exclusive Photo Gallery: Outside Lands 2014

The seventh annual Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival took over Golden Gate Park last weekend, blessing San Francisco with three days of heavenly sounds, sights, and tastes. Although your New York-based Flavorwire staff was stuck on the East Coast, photographer Scott Witt was on hand to capture the magic for us — and for you. Click through to see Haim shred, Arctic Monkeys vamp, and Death Cab for Cutie brood, then visit Witt’s website to see more of his wonderful work. … Read More

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Striking, Strange Portraits of California Trailer Park Residents

Photographer David Waldorf once captured a rare portrait of David Lynch in his private sanctuary, the “think room.” There’s certainly something Lynchian about his photos of trailer park residents in Sonoma, California. One surreal snapshot reveals a grim bride in a gown worthy of the 1980s. She holds hands with her bare-chested husband, both lit by the flames of a roaring barbecue. It is American Gothic at its strangest — and it could easily be a photo taken at Twin Peaks’ Fat Trout Trailer Park. Waldorf aims to “to capture the truth in people’s eyes,” and these eyes don’t… Read More

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Spam Emails Brought to Life in Dramatic Photos Starring Imaginary Senders

Somehow, with all our technological progress, we have yet to invent a foolproof barrier against spam emails. Even filters cannot contain fictional pleas for obnoxious sums of money, the staged deaths of rich relatives you never knew, and fake marriage proposals. Artist Cristina De Middel has imagined what those scenarios might look like in her photo series Poly-Spam, which we first spotted on Lost at E Minor. Using real spam emails as her inspiration, the photographer captures the trials of imaginary senders like Sandrine Nzi, whose father died under mysterious circumstances, and David Kodjo at the Banque Atlantique Dapaong, who wants to transfer $18,230,000 to your bank account. The fictional portraits capture the absurd drama of each correspondence, with tongue planted firmly in cheek. … Read More

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Stunning Photos of Intricate Islamic Architecture From Iran

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit somewhere like the Alhambra in Spain or Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, you already know that the aniconistic provisions of Islamic scripture mean that, over the centuries, Muslim artists have created abstract patterns of remarkable beauty. Their work interweaves intricate geometric tessellations and ornate calligraphy to stunning effect. These photos, by photographer Mohammad Domiri, come via Design Boom, and they’re some of the most gorgeous examples of this design you’ll ever see — they capture the interiors of palaces and mosques from all over Domiri’s native Iran. In a sadly polarized world where Islamic culture is often stereotyped and misunderstood, they’re also a reminder that the Middle East has given the world some of its most wonderful cultural artifacts. … Read More

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Strange, Gorgeous Photos Imagine a Sci-Fi Future Straight Out of Wes Anderson

Dystopia may be all the rage in 2014 — especially in YA literature — but the multimedia artist Todd Baxter and his wife, the writer and designer Aubrey Videtto, are exploring a somewhat different vision of the future. Their sci-fi collaboration, Project Astoria, depicts a failed late-1960s attempt to colonize an Earth-like planet and transform it into a utopia. As Baxter writes at Bleek Magazine, the project is most interested in “the kids who grow up in the Astoria System and are coming of age just as the whole thing is really falling apart.” The images below, spotted via Beautiful/Decay, are from “Project Astoria: Test 01,” the first installment of the long-term endeavor. Baxter describes this series — which many have noticed could be a stylistic cousin to Wes Anderson’s films — as “an introduction to the people, animals, and objects of the Astoria System, the retro-futuristic backdrop for this new project.” … Read More

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Hilarious Photos of a Teen Boy’s Celebrity Fashion Recreations

Photogenic New Zealand high schooler and Instagram favorite Liam Martin, who we learned about on Neatorama, is a master of disguise. He takes comical photos of himself dressed in the fashions of trendy celebrities, recreating portraits of pop culture stars like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift. The remakes are done with whatever Martin seems to have on hand — including pasta, which mimics long curls, and cardboard props. But it’s Martin’s personality that really makes the photos hilarious as he mugs his way through each snapshot with aplomb. Martin’s version of high fashion evokes the absurdity of celebrity culture and examines it from a youthful perspective. … Read More

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Remarkable, Otherworldly Photos of Icelandic Landscapes

It’s remarkable what a camera can do to reality. When you first see these photos by British photographer Dan Holdsworth, you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking at — abstract geometric designs? Computer-generated fractal landscapes? The surface of the moon? In fact, the images are all of glaciers in that most photogenic of countries, Iceland. They’re part of a series called Blackout, which we spotted via Faith is Torment, and while the idea of printing large-scale negatives can be gimmicky in the hands of the wrong artist, the fact that these images are presented as negatives only makes them more striking and otherworldly. They’re like staring into some impossible world, both strangely familiar and entirely alien. You can see more of Holdsworth’s work at his website. … Read More

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