Intimate Photos of the DC Underground Drag Scene

In Ryan Florig’s photo series Tuck, the artist takes us behind the scenes of the DC underground drag scene, where the wigs come off. First spotted on Juxtapoz, Florig hopes to change the public’s perspective of the city’s drag queens, revealing intimate and glamorous moments as the ladies dress for the evening’s festivities. The camaraderie amongst the group is clear. But Florig’s camera doesn’t miss a moment and shows us when things get a little raunchy, too. The images are honest and not just invested in the facade. Florig’s black-and-white palette is striking and allows us to focus on the people behind the outrageous makeup and costumes. … Read More

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A Makeup Artist Debunks Those Unretouched Beyoncé Photos

Another day, more fake internet outrage. Yesterday, fansite Beyoncé World posted hundreds of unretouched stills from Bey’s 2013 L’Oréal ad campaigns (for Feria and Infallible lipstick), proving once and for all that the pop star has — wait for it — real human SKIN! The kind that is susceptible to pimples! Clearly every previously held perception of Queen Bey is shattered at the realization that she is a mere mortal. I’ll wait while you dismantle your shrine(s) to her.

… Read More

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Stunning Close-Up Photos of the Natural World From ‘Animal Earth’

In Animal Earth: The Amazing Diversity of Living Creatures, zoologist Ross Piper shares stunning photos of the animals who are the building blocks of our world. His photos capture a side of the animal kingdom we don’t see so often, and in this gorgeous book, we get new appreciation for the little guys and the microscopic specks of dust who are essential to the evolution of humanity and the earth. The book’s available March 20, but Thames and Hudson were kind enough to share an exclusive gallery of photos — click through for our favorites. … Read More

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The Surprisingly Diverse History of Skinhead Culture, in All Its Controversial Forms

“You don’t have, like, Coldplay claiming they were skinheads,” tireless punk archivist, curator, and artist Toby Mott explains, “but everyone says they were punk. Everyone. Bono, whoever. Punk was very fashionable — and huge. That’s what’s intriguing about it.”

By the looks of Mott’s new book, skinhead culture is just as intriguing, albeit for different reasons. Released last December, Ditto Press and The Mott Collection’s Skinhead: An Archive explores the sociopolitical ideologies that made England’s skinhead subculture polarizing even internally. … Read More

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Haunting Photos of Abandoned Malls Buried in Snow

Photographic displays of “haunting decay” have become so banalized as to sometimes evoke more eye-rolls than chills. But photographer Seph Lawless (a pseudonym) has, through his politically charged depictions of American vacancies, restored novelty to imagery of the old and dilapidated: images from his 2014 book, Black Friday, were widely circulated last year. The title, based on a tradition that unfortunately hasn’t lost its relevance in American culture, was juxtaposed with photos of abonded structures central to this “holiday”: malls. … Read More

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Striking Photos of India’s Old Movie Theaters

India is the largest producer of films in the world, but its economic growth has forced some of the country’s smaller, single-screen theaters into decline. Katherine Newbegin, who we first learned about on Beautiful/Decay, started photographing these lost movie palaces in 2010, documenting a once thriving social chapter in Indian cinema’s history. “The fulcrum of the project lies in the exploration of the architecture, which is informed by the human relationships that took place in these spaces, but now only remain in the evidence left behind,” she told ArtStar. “The cinema architecture holds a stifling sense of deadness, as if it were a museum. The lingering chairs, ancient posters, and well-worn furniture act as a conduit into a displaced time.” This process of discovery is crucial to Newbegin’s work. She travels alone to each location, usually discovered by word of mouth, without any knowledge of the theater’s history. For instance, she didn’t learn that the Samrat Cinema I in Jaipur was a porn theater until after photographing the space. See the crumbling beauty of India’s cinemas through Newbegin’s eyes in our gallery. … Read More

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Brilliant Geometric Photos of Hong Kong’s Neon Signs, Shot From a Surprising Angle

Though at first they look like they could be TRON backgrounds or renderings of computer circuit boards, the images below are photos take in the real world of Hong Kong at night. For the series he calls Eye Carry the Night, the Spanish-born photographer Rainer Torrado shot the unmistakable neon signs of the Wan Chai district from below. They are, of course, entirely unreadable from this angle — but the geometric patterns formed by tubes, wires, and metal frames might be even more beautiful this way. Click through to view the series, which we spotted via Junk Culture. … Read More

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Strangely Disorienting Close-up Photos of Shampooed Hair

It looks like a black-and-white photo of snow on pine needles, or just some abstract form… until you glimpse an unmistakable sliver of flesh and finally realize what you’re looking at. In this series, which appeared in the magazine Numero China (and which we spotted via Designboom), Hong Kong-based photographer Cheuk… Read More

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Photos of Backyard Anarchy at a Rural Skate Park

Seattle Times writer Tom Keogh described the 88-acre skate park known as Skatopia as an “anarchist paradise and commercial enterprise on Ohio farmland, created by a charismatic outlaw.” Running the show is pro skater Brewce Martin. His annual backyard parties known as the Bowl Bash and Backwoods Blow Out are legendary. Martin — and Skatopia — has a history of violence (in the middle of the 2010 documentary Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy, Brewce spends 60 days in jail for assault), but the skaters are deeply passionate and their leader has a brand/marketing prowess hiding underneath that rough exterior. Between the sex, parties, and skateboarding, photographer Stacy Kranitz, who we first spotted on Beautiful/Decay, captured the crew hanging out in their rural oasis, revealing what it’s like to come of age on wheels in the woods. … Read More

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Fascinating, Evocative New Images of New York’s Abandoned Spaces

A few months ago, we ran some images from NYC photographer Will Ellis’s blog Abandoned NYC, which has for the last few years documented the corners of the city you never see — abandoned buildings, inaccessible islands, and various other fascinatingly atmospheric locales. Happily, Ellis has landed a book deal for his photos — Abandoned NYC, the book, is out this week and available here. (It’ll also be in stores and available via online retailers.) To celebrate, Ellis was kind enough to share a few previously unseen images with us — click through to check them out. … Read More

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