In a Post-Snowden, Post-Sony Hack World, Who Has the Power to Disseminate Secrets?

It’s not that difficult for someone to hack into your computer — and I know you think you know how easy it is, but trust me, it’s so much easier than you think. As a matter of fact, the attendees at Tuesday’s Tribeca Film Festival panel on “Secrecy and Power” were treated to a demonstration of exactly how easy it is, thanks to cyber-security expert Ralph Echemendia, aka “The Ethical Hacker.” Earlier that week, he sent an email with a link to a video clip to one of the TFF interns. As we all watched on a screen overhead, he opened up a window that displayed the intern’s desktop, his documents, his network. He turned on the webcam and the microphone. The poor schmuck had no idea. Most of those who are hacked don’t. … Read More

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The Real, Obscured Message of ‘So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed': Humiliation Doesn’t Work

In Jon Ronson’s interview with “Mercedes,” a 4chan activist, for his controversial nonfiction book, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, she offhandedly explains why controversial site operates the way it does: “On the Internet, we have power in situations where we would otherwise be powerless.” … Read More

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How ‘Unfriended’ Makes Common Internet Images Terrifying: A Guide

Despite its place at the forefront of adolescent fears, thoughtful explorations of cyberbullying (which is to say, more ambitious examinations than the 2011 TV movie Cyberbully) have been stunningly rare. This is an indication of a clear cultural lack, a failure to consider this ugly yet common manifestation of adolescent feelings of powerlessness coupled with the Internet’s chaotic systems of control. But last week, the multiplex welcomed Levan Gabriadze’s Unfriended, the “cyberbullying horror film” to top all cyberbullying horror films — of which, before its release, there were none. … Read More

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Rue From ‘The Hunger Games’ Understands Something About Racism That So Many Americans Don’t

Her gorgeous performance as Rue from The Hunger Games attracted a cascade of racist responses on social media, but now teenager Amandla Sternberg is becoming a public voice on the topics of race and culture, thanks to a Tumblr video that has gone viral. In a few short, well-produced moments, Sternberg answered one question that American media consumers and creators fail to understand, and raised another that we’d all do well to seriously consider. And she did it all as history class project, with the help of a friend. … Read More

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The 9 Types of Hillary Clinton Reactions You’ll Find on Social Media

She’s in. With Hillary Clinton’s big announcement, a long campaign season looms before us, full of rancor and bitterness, gaffes, poll bounces, and predictions gone awry. Social media has meant that most lingering public caginess about debating politics has evaporated, and many amateur politicos proudly began waving a flag of affiliation and loyalty yesterday. This is particularly true vis-a-vis Hillary Clinton, who elicits lots of armchair punditry because she symbolizes so much to so many people. So to kick off a year and a half of Clinton campaigning, here’s Flavorwire’s guide to the universe of Hillary opinionators — not on TV, but in your own social media feeds. From the conspiracy-loving NRA member to the self-righteous radical, we’ve got all the types of Hillary lovers and haters covered in these nine archetypes. … Read More

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How to Survive Coachella without a Selfie Stick

If you don’t read fashion blogs, allow me to remind you that Coachella started today. Perhaps you are there right now, scrolling through a feed on your phone while you wait for Alt-J to play the one song you know (spoiler: it’ll be last), or comparing Amaro vs. Rise Instagram filters on the first of many #chellaselfies this weekend.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to make it through the festivities sans selfie stick, as Coachella banned them this year. Wow, a music festival that wants to make sure the folks there for the music don’t have obstructed views. In light of Coachella’s lameness, here’s how you might be able to survive the weekend without a selfie stick. … Read More

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Does Tidal’s Exclusive Content Actually Matter In The YouTube Age?

When Tidal relaunched last week, the celebrity-owned streaming service’s promise of all-star exclusives was a little underwhelming: Daft Punk’s nine-year-old Electroma film (streaming on YouTube), Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” (for sale on iTunes), a few curated playlists from Tidal’s co-owners (including Beyoncé and Jason Aldean), and exclusive footage from an Alicia Keys concert. This weekend, however, the service delivered those big exclusives referenced in last week’s press conference. … Read More

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Ricky Gervais’ Film ‘Special Correspondents’ Is Coming to Netflix in 2016

Netflix has made another major film acquisition: the streaming service has obtained the rights to Ricky Gervais’ feature film Special Correspondents,… Read More

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Saeed Jones Is Starting a Buzzfeed Lit Mag and Massive Emerging Writers Fellowship

Buzzfeed — that ever expanding empire of not-just-lists — is further broadening its reach: it’ll soon be starting a literary magazine, with… Read More

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