‘Paper’ Magazine Founder David Hershkovits on Kim Kardashian’s Internet-Breaking Cover: “It’s Almost Like Israel and Palestine”

Kim Kardashian has appeared on magazine covers nude before. But this week, when Paper Magazine positioned Kim K ass-first on its Winter 2014 issue under the tagline “Break the Internet,” the world took the command seriously — for better and for worse. For a magazine that routinely places movie and music stars on its covers, the Jean-Paul Goude photographs of Kardashian are some of Paper‘s finest visual work. But for a 30-year-old print publication trying to sell its downtown Manhattan view of the arts to an Internet overloaded with pop culture, the Kim K cover was an inspired jackpot. … Read More

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As Ferguson Braces for Grand Jury Verdict, “Violence Will Not Be Tolerated” Meme Is a Reminder of How the Protest Started

The grand jury verdict on whether officer Darren Wilson will be indicted in the killing of unarmed teen Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri was supposed to come in October. Then early November. It’s still not here. And though observers and citizens alike have long expected that Wilson will be cleared of wrongdoing, that he will walk free and more protests will ensue, the expanding wait is jacking up tension in Missouri. … Read More

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Men Take Advantage of Girl Pretending to Be Drunk in Viral Video — But Is the Video Taking Advantage of a Viral Phenomenon?

In a video mirroring and sort-of deepening — but mostly cheapening — the discussion started by last month’s now-infamous catcalling-in-NY video, a girl walks around Hollywood Boulevard with a drink in hand, pretending to be cripplingly inebriated and lost, while someone carrying a hidden camera follows close behind, recording men’s flagrant attempts at exploiting the situation. While the girl in the catcalling video was fully alert — which didn’t stop one man from following her for quite a while — this video further excavates the intentions behind the “innocent catcall” by pretending to weaken the recipient of male attention. So far, this sounds pretty serious. … Read More

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Watch (NSFW): Veterans Are Screwed, So She’ll “F*ck Veterans”

In honor of Veteran’s Day, comedian Jessie Kahnweiler went to her local VA and began filming herself offering lewd propositions… Read More

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Neckbeard Language Invades the Mainstream — Because Neckbeards Have Always Been Mainstream

Andrew Sullivan is not universally loved, but it seems fair to call him “respected.” This is a guy who pioneered personal blogging, and one of the few to still be doing so full-time, on his own site; he’s also done stints at Big Legacy Publications like The Atlantic. Sullivan is not, in other words, a 22-year-old spending his days encased in a combination of Cheetos crumbs and his own facial hair, channeling his rage into doxxing female game developers. So why is Sullivan’s latest bit of opinion blogging indistinguishable from a run-of-the-mill 8chan screed? … Read More

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Piers Morgan, Andrew Sullivan, and Who Gets to “Police” Offensive Language

Yesterday, Piers Morgan penned an ill-advised screed about “The N-Word.”

It’s such an inflammatory and offensive word that for any high profile white person to publicly use it, without abbreviating to ‘N-word’, is rightly tantamount to professional suicide and personal opprobrium.

I don’t use it; would never use it. But it has become astonishingly ubiquitous in modern American society.

… Read More

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“Have You Seen an Asexual Magician?”: The Creators of ‘High Maintenance’ on How to Balance Art and Commerce

High Maintenance, the web series created by couple Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld, returns today for its “fifth cycle” on Vimeo, and becomes Vimeo On Demand’s first original series. After fielding offers and exploring possible development deals (FX was involved, for one), Sinclair and Blichfeld have decided to stay “handmade,” producing the current set of videos with Vimeo’s funding. In return, the six episodes that make up the show’s fifth and forthcoming sixth cycles will be available as a year-long rental on the site, for $7.99. … Read More

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MTV Debuts ‘Braless,’ a Teen Web Series About Sex, Feminism, and Celebrities

If we needed any further proof that feminism has gone from being a maligned activist movement to a dominant strain in pop culture in the past few years, it can be found in Braless, the adorable new teen web series from MTV which will air on YouTube each Tuesday. … Read More

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Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp on ‘Marcel the Shell’ and How Art Can Change Your Life

If it wasn’t obvious that Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp — the creators of the super-endearing and charming cult figure Marcel the Shell, star of video and bookstores — were an adorably married couple in real life, Fleischer-Camp gave it away during an October interview at the Flavorwire offices where he just gazed at Slate while she explained her comedy: “My jokes are usually really gross things said with an open heart and a smile, and if you take away the open heart and the smile it’s just me being, like, stinky butt!” … Read More

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