Jump On This Man Recreating “Pony”: Links You Need to See

“Pony” makes a resurgence, Lindsay Lohan gets some unwanted attention, and we all hope and pray that Hocus Pocus is making a cinematic reappearance – all in today’s links. … Read More

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The TSA Is The Only Government Agency That Needs Instagram: Links You Need to See

Thanks, guys. Rather than watching the World Cup, here we are. Delivering the day’s cultural news. You’re welcome. … Read More

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‘Community’ Proves Yahoo Is Betting Big on Original Comedy Programming

Yesterday, when it was announced that Yahoo would be the streaming platform to revive Community for a sixth season, the news was predictably met with a mixture of joy from its fans and eye-rolling from its detractors. What everyone did agree on was that Yahoo was a laughable outlet to resurrect Community. Twitter immediately went for the “Outdated Platform Revives Classic TV Show” joke format. It is an odd choice — why not Hulu, Netflix, or even Amazon Video? — but Yahoo has actually been working on increasing its original programming output, so perhaps this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. … Read More

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MRAs Aren’t Just Terrorizing Women — They’re Hurting Men, Too

The very first International Conference on Men’s Issues happened over the weekend, in the unlikely surroundings of a VFW Lodge in Detroit. The thought of a bunch of men’s rights activists converging to swap stories of how good women have it these days isn’t one that fills anyone with joy (unless they’ve been on the Reddit red pills for a while), and I’m loath to give it any more publicity — but fuck it, the event has already happened, and it provided a pretty good snapshot of where the MRA movement, such as it is, is at in 2014. And, perhaps most frustratingly, its very existence basically precluded any sensible discussions of the issues it professed to address. Good job, everyone. … Read More

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‘Jupiter Ascending’ Is Quite Sparkly: Links You Need to See

In today’s links: Taye Diggs breaks our hearts all over again, Jupiter Ascending releases a new trailer, and the BBC has some tricks up its sleeve. … Read More

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Michael Jackson’s Comeback Could Have Changed the Game: Links You Need to See

Nostalgia is the name of the game today. From a look at the comeback that almost was to the children’s shows that fascinated (and maybe scarred) a generation of American children, today’s links will have you wondering where the hell the time has gone. … Read More

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Robert DeNiro Is the New Bill Murray: Links You Need to See

The World Cup gets an unexpected cheerleader, Olivia Wilde puts some bros in their place, and Michael Jackson gets memorialized, all in today’s links. … Read More

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That “Full-Frontal” ‘True Detective’ DVD We’ve Been Waiting For: Links You Need to See

While one of today’s links mourns the most misguided TV deaths, another keeps the misery in check by celebrating the fleshing-out of new OITNB favorite Poussey. Honestly, what does it all matter when ultimately, it’ll all get bootlegged and misrepresented as having “Amazing Perform, Full-Frontal Action,” as in the True Detective DVD cover link below? … Read More

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Prince May Not Hate the Internet As Much As He Thinks

The Internet will never forget what Prince said behind its back in 2010 — that The Internet is “completely over” — but that doesn’t mean he’s as anti-web as even he may think. His music may be hard to come by for free online, but Prince’s desire for mainstream hits that reach audiences immediately after recording can only be facilitated by the web. Moreover, he’s apparently been paying attention to online memes and using them as inspiration for more than just the greatest single art of all time. … Read More

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