Shonda Rhimes Responds to Twitter Complaint of “Gay Scenes” that Are “Too Much”

Shonda Rhimes got a very annoying Tweet of homophobic constructive criticism, saying, “The gay scenes in Scandal and How… Read More

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Watch: Marcel the Shell Has a New Video

When she’s not making Republicans explode with her “pro-abortion” romantic comedy or telling wonderfully elaborate fart jokes, sometimes Jenny Slate is a… Read More

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Amy Sedaris to Star in PopSugar’s First Web Series, ‘Seriously Distracted,’ as a Comically Distracted Publicist

It may be its first attempt at a web series, but PopSugar’s Above Average-produced Seriously Distracted — which was announced… Read More

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This Is Terrorism: Misogynist Shooting Threat Forces Anita Sarkeesian to Cancel Speech

Last night, feminist commentator Anita Sarkeesian had to cancel a planned talk at Utah State University after threats of a mass shooting surfaced. Sarkeesian, who talks, writes, and vlogs about gender in video games, has been targeted by these kinds of nasty misogynist threats for a long time. Her trolling and persecution mostly now comes from the #GamerGate conspiracy theorists — she even had to leave her home at one point. … Read More

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‘Obvious Child’ for the Web: New Online Course Combats “Abortion Stigma”

Americans love to argue about abortion, in the moral-philosophical sense. Is it right or wrong? In what circumstances is it OK, or allowable? The debate goes back and forth, and so do the laws. Just last night, the Supreme Court reversed a circuit court’s decision (which had reversed a still lower court’s decision) to close a number of Texas abortion clinics — roughly accomplishing what Wendy Davis was initially trying to do with her filibuster. The shuttered clinics will now be able to re-open, until they’re targeted yet again. There’s no doubt they will be. … Read More

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Nickelodeon Nostalgia Night Canceled

Slimed! An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age author Mathew Klickstein had been preparing an evening of “Nostalgic Nonsense” in conjunction… Read More

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Intel Panders to #GamerGate, Is On the Wrong Side of History

Hey, remember #GamerGate? If you thought that the ridiculous kerfuffle over nasty feminists saying mean things about the poor innocent people on 4chan was over and done with, you might be unpleasantly surprised to know that the gamers in question have been harassing advertisers on sites that publish those journalists whose views they find offensive. Striking a blow for free speech, y’all! This campaign boasts at least one unfeasible success: #GamerGate has managed to gaslight Intel into pulling an advertising campaign from the video-game criticism site Gamasutra. High five, Internet bros! … Read More

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