Nickelodeon Nostalgia Night Canceled

Slimed! An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age author Mathew Klickstein had been preparing an evening of “Nostalgic Nonsense” in conjunction… Read More

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Intel Panders to #GamerGate, Is On the Wrong Side of History

Hey, remember #GamerGate? If you thought that the ridiculous kerfuffle over nasty feminists saying mean things about the poor innocent people on 4chan was over and done with, you might be unpleasantly surprised to know that the gamers in question have been harassing advertisers on sites that publish those journalists whose views they find offensive. Striking a blow for free speech, y’all! This campaign boasts at least one unfeasible success: #GamerGate has managed to gaslight Intel into pulling an advertising campaign from the video-game criticism site Gamasutra. High five, Internet bros! … Read More

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Ello: Why Facebook Should Be Worried About a Rudimentary, Incomplete New Social Media Site

Last week, you’d never heard of Ello — but suddenly there are thinkpieces about it everywhere, and someone sent you an invitation just before the invite program got frozen yesterday, and now you’re trying to make sense of the “minimalist” UI and wondering what exactly the fuss is all about. Or maybe you didn’t get an invite, and you’re also, yes, wondering what all the fuss is about. The site seemed to come out of nowhere, and the reason is twofold: first, while Ello’s been taking requests for invitations to its beta program since March, it was only this week that they started issuing those invitations in earnest. And second, it’s pitching itself as an ad-free alternative to the Zuckerbergian business model (its manifesto concludes with the declaration, “You are not a product”). … Read More

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Sarah Silverman Talks Boobs: Links You Need To See

One of Sarah Silverman’s first jobs was passing out fliers at a comedy club in New York, which lasted two years. On her last day, she says, “I was breaking up a fight between some scary gaggle of teenagers drinking 40s who were beating up on the Pluck You chicken… I got punched in the temple and knocked unconscious.” After that, she quit. If you want to read about how she feels about her boobs, you’ll have to read the rest of the interview A.V. Club. … Read More

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Today’s Internet Infinite Regress: Profiling the ‘NYT’ Profile of The Fat Jew

Slowly, The Fat Jew seems to be engulfing the media. While it may sound quite loaded, that statement is neither an antisemitic nor a fat-phobic remark generalizing on the prevalence of Jews in media who avoid the gym (such as myself.) Rather, it’s an introduction to web-(semi)-celeb comedian Josh Ostrovsky, AKA Fabrizio Goldstein, AKA @thefatjewish, AKA Fat Jew, who, as tells the New York Times in their just-published profile, “would prefer that you not call him a fat Jew… but hope[s] millions more people will soon come to know him as ‘The Fat Jew.'” The emphasis on “The” indicates that this is a man – who, like most rising, er, artistes – wants to be notorious. … Read More

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Introducing a Brave New Voice in Journalism: #GAMERGATE, the Website

If you’ve been following the ongoing shitshow that is #gamergate, you’ll know that its proponents are fond of arguing that, no, they have nothing against women, they just want Integrity in Game Journalism. If you’re thinking, “Hey, wait, this might be a bit of a smokescreen,” you’ll be delighted to know that our brave #gamergaters are putting their money where their mouth is with a new publication that’s devoted to providing the sort of hard-hitting quality game journalism that their uncompromising ethical standards demand. Introducing… #GAMERGATE, the website: a new voice in gaming. Behold how journalism should be done. … Read More

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The NFL is Crumbling: Links You Should See

So, a lot of terrible things are happening in the NFL right now. As this helpful piece from CNN breaks down, there are currently six players who have been punished for very recently doing awful things to their loved ones. … Read More

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Mashup of 23 Amateur Youtube Musicians Creates Song Resembling Early-2000’s Brit-Pop

Remember Morcheeba, the British psych-pop band (which actually still exists, in some form or another)? Well, they’re the… Read More

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