Prince May Not Hate the Internet As Much As He Thinks

The Internet will never forget what Prince said behind its back in 2010 — that The Internet is “completely over” — but that doesn’t mean he’s as anti-web as even he may think. His music may be hard to come by for free online, but Prince’s desire for mainstream hits that reach audiences immediately after recording can only be facilitated by the web. Moreover, he’s apparently been paying attention to online memes and using them as inspiration for more than just the greatest single art of all time. … Read More

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Watch Freddy Arenas’ Gorgeously Simple Animation of a ‘New York Times’ Modern Love Column

Maybe it’s the cynic in me typing, but Modern Love is not my favorite column in the New York Times. Not… Read More

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‘Thelma and Louise’ and Selfie History: Links You Need to See

Happy Friday, y’all! Sit back and enjoy the soothing voice of Internet Boyfriend, Benedict Cumberbatch, while reviewing the myriad reasons why this Beatles biopic will never happen. … Read More

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Destiny’s Child Does a Praise Dance: Links You Need to See

Today’s links feature everyone’s favorite procrastinator, a few musical alliances that will tickle you with glee, and one collaboration that we could probably all live without. … Read More

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What YouTube’s Indie Label Ban Actually Means for Music Fans

YouTube is sparring with a handful of independent record labels over licensing deals regarding the Google-owned video site’s forthcoming subscription service, the side effect of which will see a handful of indie artists’ music removed from YouTube imminently. Up until yesterday, when this news made the rounds in sensationalized form on tech blogs, there had been relatively little discussion of an issue that might have a dramatic effect on both labels and consumers. So what’s going on? … Read More

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Will ‘Father of the Bride’ Normalize Gay Marriage on Film? Links You Need to See

Colin Firth shares some sad news, the Looney Tunes history books just got a little fatter, and the first round of Father of the Bride thinkpieces have appeared – all in today’s links. … Read More

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Kanye West’s Secret Weapon Is His Versatility

Late last year, in what seemed like a lost bet with his label Def Jam, Kanye West did a nationwide commercial radio tour. I’m not talking about the next-level Zane Lowe BBC interview everyone raved over, I’m talking about Kanye going to pop and “urban”-format radio stations with cheesy DJs in nearly every major market where his Yeezus Tour stopped. Some of these interviews made headlines, but mostly the DJs were intimidated by Kanye and let him ramble on about whatever he damn well pleased, be it Adidas or Kardashians. … Read More

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The Guilty Pleasures of 1949: Links You Need to See

Just in case you were worried that snark and behavior policing are a modern thing, have no fear. Mid-century journalism will put that fear straight to bed, in today’s links. … Read More

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