“Everyone in the World Is Totally Nuts”: 16 Things We Learned From Nathan Fielder’s Reddit AMA

Canadian comedian (say that out loud, it’s fun) Nathan Fielder may be best known to the general public for his “Dumb Starbucks” prank to promote his show Nathan for You, but to his fans he’s one of the most under-appreciated comedians working today. At the start of Monday’s Reddit AMA, Fielder told fans, “We don’t only have to chat about the show though, we can chat about whatever. Because I’m super chill and easy going.” But even with all that “we don’t have to do what my publicist says” leeway, many fans actually did want to talk about the show — to learn how Fielder keeps a straight face when dealing with ridiculous characters, to understand what types of strangers are willing to participate in such a mysterious show, and mostly, how “real” certain scenes and episodes are. Read on for the highlights from Fielder’s AMA, Nathan for You-related and otherwise (unfortunately, he wouldn’t reveal which starter Pokémon he’d pick). … Read More

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Batgirl Gets a Makeover: Links You Need to See

Lupita is a consummate professional, Woody Guthrie’s journal could teach us all a whole lot about living life, and Batgirl and Channing Tatum both try out new looks, all in today’s links. … Read More

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Angelina Jolie Can Do Better: Links You Need to See

Head into the weekend with a new set of vocabulary skills, nostalgic Charlie Murphy videos, and a glimpse at Angelina Jolie’s newest film, all in today’s links. … Read More

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Laverne Cox Is Winning at Life: Links You Need to See

Laverne Cox breaks another glass ceiling, Topshop gets racist in the name of fashion, and Neko Case needs a sci-fi intervention, all in today’s links. … Read More

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Posh and Becks’ Wedding Album: Links You Need to See

Everyone’s favorite astronaut hits up Reddit, Brazil suffers from a collective jaw drop, and while we’re on the subject of soccer, a throwback photo of David Beckham as a knight in white satin, all in today’s links. … Read More

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For Flavorwire, the Future of Celebrity Op-Eds Is a Love Story

Where will you be in 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 50 seconds? Will you have clicked out of this link already?

Before I tell you my thoughts on the matter, you should know that you’re reading the opinion of an enthusiastic optimist: one of the few living souls in journalism who still believes that celebrity op-eds are not dying… they’re just coming alive. … Read More

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Larry David Hasn’t Watched ‘Seinfeld’ in Years: Links You Need to See

The Seinfeld nostalgia train rolls on, Guillermo del Toro clings to the hope of getting his long-conceptualized H.P. Lovecraft film made, and an old Star Wars trailer turns up, all in today’s links. … Read More

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Franz Kafka Turns 131, Seinfeld Turns 25, and Robin Thicke Stays Creepy: Links You Need to See

It’s a week of very important birthdays: today, Kafka turns 131 and Seinfeld turns 25 (and it seems like we were changing its diapers, spoon-feeding it babka, and telling our friends, “You’ve gotta see the baby!” just yesterday). Of course, it can’t be everyone’s birthday: here you’ll also find material on the perpetually mopey Nick Cave and the infidelity-insinuating Beyoncé. … Read More

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Jump On This Man Recreating “Pony”: Links You Need to See

“Pony” makes a resurgence, Lindsay Lohan gets some unwanted attention, and we all hope and pray that Hocus Pocus is making a cinematic reappearance – all in today’s links. … Read More

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