Karen O Totally Nails the Crush Experience on New Song “Rapt”

By the sounds of her new song, “Rapt,” Karen O seems to understand that crushes are simultaneously awful and wonderful. “Love is soft/ Love’s a fucking bitch/ Do I really need another habit like you?” she aches atop a lo-fi-recorded acoustic.

The “Rapt” video really drives home this idea of floating, woozily, between pain and pleasure: Karen O is underwater in a red sequin dress, drifting through a pool, unsure how it’ll turn out.

Directed by O’s ultimate crush/husband Barney Clay with production design from K.K. Barrett (Her), the “Rapt” video is the first taste of Karen O’s Crush Songs. The album, full of bedroom recordings from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs leader, will be out September 9 on Julian Casablancas’ Cult Records.