A Handy Flowchart to Find Your Perfect Google Reader Replacement

Today marks the tragic end of Google Reader, the RSS tool that provided a simple but essential service in the way only Google can. Except that Google’s now backed out of the RSS game entirely, meaning somebody has to pick up the slack. Enter Chris Kirk’s guide to surviving “the Google Reader Apocalypse,” which is less a survival guide than a flowchart to lead each reader (no pun intended) to the Reader alternative that best fits their Internet habits. The questions are simple enough — want a mobile app? willing to pay? — but the chart does ignore a few things: if you’re the kind of Internet user who already knows the answer to these questions, you probably don’t need the flowchart in the first place; and if you don’t, then you want the closest Reader mimic out there, i.e. Feedly or Digg Reader. But a two-name flowchart isn’t especially useful, so we understand why Slate went the more complicated route. Seriously, though, Feedly’s where it’s at. [Slate]