Alanis Morissette to Play Modern Movement Architect Eileen Gray’s Lover in ‘The Price of Desire’


Modern Movement architecture pioneer Eileen Gray is the subject of an upcoming biopic, The Price of Desire, starring Kiss Kiss Bang Bang actress Shannyn Sossamon as the designer. Alanis Morissette has been cast as her lover Damia – the French singer and early silent film star (nicknamed “la tragédienne de la chanson” or “the actress of the song”) who was the country’s favorite chanteuse until Édith Piaf came along in the late 1930s. A Kickstarter was created to fund the restoration of a French villa, which was one of the first homes that Gray designed. Part of the film will be shot there. The last time we saw Morissette she was starring in Weeds as Dr. Audra Kitson, but in her last film she played God (Kevin Smith’s Dogma). Welcome back, lady. [via Variety]