Anita Sarkeesian and Stephen Colbert Rip Apart Gamergate


Last night on The Colbert Report, and to appropriately great applause, Anita Sarkeesian made an appearance to talk to Colbert about Gamergate. Sarkeesian — who has long been fighting against harmful female stereotypes being perpetuated in video games, as well as being on the receiving end of death threats from misogynist gamers — spoke eloquently on the issue as a symptom of a problem within the gaming industry itself rather than within specific games.

Gamergate, for those who don’t know, all started when a female game developer, Zoe Quinn, was rumored to have received biased coverage from a Kotaku reporter she had been dating. Gamers claim to just want journalistic integrity! But, the whole thing has devolved from that, amounting now to little more than gamers attacking anyone who attacks the current state of games, and it seems little progress is being made in any one direction.

Check out the segment on Colbert for a comprehensive, pointedly hilarious look at Gamergate.