‘Atlas Shrugged’ Producers Post YouTube Video Even More Inexplicable Than Their Continued Mission to Make ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Movies

So what do you do when you’ve made two movies that tanked critically and commercially, yet you’re inexplicably determined to make another? Well, if you’re the producers of Atlas Shrugged Part III, you put a weird, moody, black and white video up on YouTube, in which you discuss how to “make this cinematic,” and asking “how do you adapt this book?” (They should have maybe considered asking that question before the first movie, but that’s neither here nor there.)

That minute of discussion is followed by a montage of their meeting (yes, you read that right), underscored with a faux-John Williams orchestral score that seems to be mocking the thoughtful stills of this group of money-burning Randians.

After that, they talk about the importance of having a director this time who is “collaborative” and “intelligent” and “professional,” so fuck you, Part I director Paul Johansson and Part II director John Putch! “I don’t care if I gotta fire five directors, that’s fine,” insists producer John Aglialoro. “We’re gonna get it right.”

So fear not, the four people who are looking forward to Atlas Shrugged: Part III’s release in 2014: this time they’re gonna get it right!