‘Back To The Island’ Podcast Revisits ‘Lost’ in 2014

Are you still thinking about Lost in 2014? Then here’s something just for you: Back To The Island, a podcast about Lost “like wayyyy after Lost went down.” Hosted by dear friends and punk celebrities Jeff Rosenstock (Bomb the Music Industry!) and Chris Farren (Fake Problems), Back To The Island is a weekly podcast where they watch and discuss a random episode of Lost with “fresh eyes and fresh hearts.” The thing is, neither of them remember the show too well — I’m learning that I don’t either, despite my obsession with the drama — but they have fun trying to piece things together.

It’s not the most in-depth Lost podcast (since the episodes are done out of order, a lot of time is devoted to trying to remember what the hell is going on) but it’s definitely the funniest and will make you realize just how utterly ridiculous that show could be.

Back To The Island will host a live NYC taping later this month.