Benedict Cumberbatch In Negotiation to Play Marvel’s Dr. Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch Dr. Strange

Deadline reports that Marvel is about to begin negotiations with Benedict Cumberbatch to seal him into the titular role of Dr. Strange. Initially, Joaquin Phoenix had been eyed for the part, but that seems to have fallen through. Strange, which was created by Steve Ditko in the 1960’s, follows a cocky neurosurgeon who, in a car accident, loses control of his hands and can no longer operate, shattering both his ability and his confidence. Of course, a mystic in the Himalayas teaches him his mystical ways, and he learns to mystically fight crime in NYC. The comic series was known for its twisting, Dali-esque visuals, so hopefully the film will play up the psychedelic bizarrerie of the series. Casting Cumberbatch, whose face, in the best way possible, is something of a psychedelic bizarrerie, seems like a good start.