Bertolucci Finally Made a New Movie, So Here’s the Trailer for That

Somehow, when we weren’t paying attention, Bernardo Bertolucci went and spent nine years not making any movies. His last film was 2003’s The Dreamers, a lovely valentine to the French New Wave and the pleasures of onscreen nudity (it got an NC-17, and we’d expect nothing less from the man who gave us Last Tango in Paris); and while his ‘90s output was a tad on the inconsistent side, even his lesser films are more interesting than most of what’s out there. So we’re happy to see this trailer for his latest picture, Me and You, which screened out of competition at last year’s Cannes Film Festival and opens next week in the U.K. There’s no dialogue—but music and images of the filmmaker’s favorite motif, attractive young people in love (or lust).

Me and You currently does not have American distribution. What the hell, American distributors?

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