Bradford Cox Really, Really, Really, Really Hates Morrissey

Bradford Cox and Lockett Pundt spoke to Buzzfeed’s Matthew Perpetua recently — the interview was ostensibly about Deerhunter’s new album Monomania, but in fact Cox spent most of the time teeing off on Morrissey in pretty hilarious fashion. Some choice quotes:

“Have you ever read Morrissey’s description of The Ramones? If I ever meet that guy…whatever! He makes me want to wear fur. There are Smiths tunes that I find more acceptable than others, but I’d rather just not hear any of them. Frankly, all it took was that one criticism of The Ramones to permanently… you know, if you want to be on that side of the fence, cool.”

“I like all music, really, except The Smiths. Anyway! This is not an article about Morrissey, as much as he’d like it to be, as much as I’m allowing him to permeate the air with his foul and fey musk. His weird, lethargic perfumes.”

“[The] Pixies wrote wild albums that challenged the imagination, that mixed science fiction with nautical themes, and The Smiths wrote complaint slips that nobody read. Morrissey’s influence is so crippling that it could even deteriorate the flower of modern creative thought. It’s like a pungent death shroud over the future and the past.”

“‘This Charming Man,’ the bass and drums on that song are pretty good, and I think the guitar is pretty good too. Basically everything except the terrible vocals. I should say this, though, there are worse lyricists. [But] I can’t think of any. None come to mind.”

Read the whole thing here.