Bret Easton Ellis Comments on David Foster Wallace ‘Feud’

In case you weren’t aware, Bret Easton Ellis is, at the moment of this writing, engaged in an AMA over at Reddit. In response to a commenter who asked him about the notoriously nasty comments he made about David Foster Wallace last year, Ellis wrote:

“There wasn’t a feud. David and I had never met. But I never responded to his work. Simple as that. I was reading the new bio and it was pissing me off–the kid gloves approach. And that I thought he had a literary fraudulence about him that manifested itself in his fiction. You could say the same about me. I was not surprised by the backlash to those tweets. There are a lot of little snowflakes who somehow really respond to this faux-earnestness of DFW that I just don’t think is realistic.”

Right, because anyone who responds to something that you don’t must be a “snowflake.”