‘Broad City’ Renewed For Second Season

It’s only Tuesday but I’m willing to bet that Broad City‘s renewal is the best television news of the week. The entire first season so far has been full of consistently funny episodes so it’s exciting to know that more are on the way. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Comedy Central has renewed Broad City for a second season that, like its first season, will consist of ten episodes. (Amy Poehler had announced the news during the taping of Late Night With Seth Meyers).

Broad City averages 1.2 million viewers and is “enroute to Comedy Central’s highest-rated first season since 2012 among the younger demos.” But the most interesting and promising bit of the news is about how the renewal wasn’t solely based on ratings:

“I didn’t realize Broad City was so good until I read all the incredible reviews,” said Kent Alterman, president of content development and original programming at Comedy Central. “Now I’m really excited about it.”

It’s a good example of a network doing it right (even if it’s strange that the president of programming didn’t know his own show was so good). By all means, continue to look at the ratings of a show — it’s important! — but also pay close attention to the critical reception (and the fans). It’s especially important during a show’s first season because it can sometimes takes a while to build a solid fanbase and increase ratings but you can bet that if it’s praised so highly and often on the internet, curious people will start to tune in.

Also of note: Broad City will embark on a short live tour in March.