Chic’s “Le Freak” Was Apparently Originally Called “Aaaaaah, Fuck Off!”

Our friends at The Quietus recently published a characteristically excellent interview with disco legend/Daft Punk collaborator/general man of the moment Nile Rodgers — amongst other things, the piece finds Rodgers discussing his work with Madonna and the pernicious persistence of music industry racism. But the single best tidbit of information as far as we’re concerned is that Chic’s signature song “Le Freak” was originally called… “Aaaaaah, Fuck Off!” The story goes like this:

“Famously, despite the fact that the groovers inside on the dancefloor of Studio 54 were all hot for Chic’s music, Nile and Bernard were once flatly denied entry to the club. Grace Jones (top of her game at that moment, and wanting to work with them) had invited them as her own special guests that night, but the notoriously ornery doormen weren’t playing onside. So a pissed off Chic went back to Nile’s and jammed a spontaneous song they called ‘Aaaaaah, Fuck Off!’, a musical retort to the club that had slammed the door in their faces. Suddenly realising that it was actually a great tune but too improbably titled for radio release, the lyrics were quickly retempered, and ‘Le Freak’ was born.”

The rest of the interview is well worth reading, too — check it out right here.