Christopher Nolan In Talks for Next Bond Movie

Christopher Nolan is talking to the James Bond team about possibly directing the next film in the franchise. Discussions are informal at this point, but the prospect of a Nolan-helmed Bond movie doesn’t seem all that unlikely. Sam Mendes had admitted the moody Skyfall was partly influenced by Nolan, and the Inception director would surely make a fitting follow-up. Nolan is also a huge Bond fan, and his direction has taken cues from films like On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

It’d also be a huge win for Bond producers to have the king of the cerebral blockbusters on board for Bond 24, so there are a lot of good reasons for Nolan to get involved. Meanwhile, the director is at work on his sci-fi film Interstellar, slated for release in 2014, so he might be too busy. Nevertheless, it’s exciting to think Nolan could be in charge of the next chapter of the Bond saga. [via The Playlist]