Classic ’70s Thriller ‘Don’t Look Now’ Is Being Remade


Don’t Look Now is an unassailable classic of the thriller genre. Centering on two parents (Donald Sutherland, Julie Christie) grieving the death of their daughter, the 1973 film, based on Daphne du Maurier’s short story, is an unsettling and realistic look at the lingering and subtle effects of trauma — and that’s not even mentioning the famous (rumored-to-be unsimulated) sex scene. So, it makes sense, then — what with the leave-no-stone-unturned mentality towards revisiting the cinematic past — that this, too, is being remade. The film is being produced by Alex Heineman and Andrew Rona (who were behind the Liam Neeson-starring Non-Stop) with StudioCanal. Naturally, you may be worried about the quality of the remake, and Rona’s past projects don’t exactly provide reassurance: he has produced such winners as Dracula 2000Scary Movie 3, and The Brothers Grimm. No word of a cast or crew yet, let alone who will be directing.