Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock are Talking (in Public) About the Greatest Stand-Up Tour, Oh, EVER


According to The Comic’s Comic, late-night denizens of The Comedy Cellar, the West Village nightclub best known for the unannounced visits of comedy superstars working out new material (it’s the club Louis CK goes into at the beginning of Louie, and where most of that show’s stand-up inserts are shot) got two unexpected treats last night: first, a 40-minute solo set by Dave Chappelle, and then an hour-plus two act with Chris Rock, who joined Chappelle onstage for what the website called “the first episode of a podcast you may never hear.” 

And during that chat, they discussed touring together, giving all of the stand-up nerds in the room a simultaneous comedy-gasm.

“Come out to Oakland,” Chappelle told Rock.

“You should come down to West Palm,” Rock replied.

Chappelle: “After next Tuesday, I’m free for like 11 years.”

Rock said he has a new movie of his own he’s going to film later this spring, and would be cutting it over the summer. “I’ve got time between now and the movie,” Rock told Chappelle onstage. “By Halloween, I could do dates.”

The comics have been friends for years, and Chappelle did a surprise intro for Rock when he played Madison Square Garden back in 2008. But the idea of an official joint Chappelle-Rock tour is so awesome, we can hardly wrap our heads around it.

[via  The Comic’s Comic]