David Lynch Isn’t Making a New Movie Anytime Soon

Sadly for everyone who took Laura Dern’s words about David Lynch working on a new movie to heart, the director has, in an interview with The Guardian, silenced all giddy murmurings about an upcoming film. No: it’s all coffee and women’s sportswear for you, forever – and neither of those products of his even comes with a nightmarish twist! No miniature old people tormenting Naomi Watts, no severed ears, no rabbits. It’s obviously amusing to compare Lynch – one of the most beloved, discussed, and perplexing filmmakers of the 20th century – to Stumptown – and in many ways that’s a postmodern nightmare worthy of a Lynch movie. But also, ultimately, the happiness and fun Lynch has found in avoiding film is something of a palpable loss to most everyone else. [via The Dissolve]