David Lynch Sets His Sights on Nail Polish in New Ad

Louboutin has released its David Lynch-directed nail polish commercial, because nothing screams “Mani-pedis, betches!” quite like Eraserhead. As was often the case in his film career, Lynch’s characters here experience an abstract sense of unease and dysmorphia, and eventually the heel of Loubouton’s famous, lawsuit-worthy red-soled shoes breaks off and becomes a tube of red nail polish! While many have mourned Lynch’s lack of recent filmic output, they’ll surely be happy to see that this nail polish commercial achieves the same surrealistic depth as his cinema. I’m betting that in the sequel, we’ll find out that the stiletto is just an oneiric manifestation of Naomi Watt’s twisted desires, or that the red nail polish symbolizes Isabella Rossellini’s sex slavery. OR that it’s coming to a Macy’s near you!

[via The Creators Project]