David O. Russell Wants to Direct Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro in a JFK Assassination Story


Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell is already lining up his next project. Slash Film reports that he’ll write and direct the long-gestating JFK assassination story Legacy of Secrecy, with the previously attached Leonard DiCaprio and newly added Robert De Niro. The film is based on a novel of the same name by Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann, and suggests that mafia boss Carlos Marcello orchestrated the murder of the 35th President. While the theory has mostly been blown off as conspiracy paranoia, it’s worth noting that Marcello said some pretty damning things to several FBI informants. If Russell pushes forward, Legacy of Secrecy will be one of three movies about the JFK assassination — along with Tom Hanks’ Parkland, David Mamet’s Blackbird.