Diplo Issues Non-Apology to Artist He Stole Work From


Diplo, co-creator of Major Lazer and dance-pop producer extraordinaire, has recently been under fire for a preview of a Jack Ü track that used a GIF from artist Rebecca Mock without permission. (Jack Ü is a collaboration between Diplo and Skrillex.) This resulted in a gross Twitter argument, during which Diplo tweeted, in an amazing show of tastelessness, “i credited her what u want me to do ? Eat her out and massage her boobs at the same time as well.” (The tweet has since been removed.)

Diplo’s tweet got him into a fight with the whole Internet, Gawker, and Portishead’s Geoff Barrow. (Side note: Barrow hasn’t really ever been a fan of Diplo’s.) Today, he issued an apology, but really it’s just one of those rambling artist statements that places blame on others while making them feel bad by saying they ruined an opportunity to “collaborate.” The whole post is available on TwitLonger, but here’s the excerpted “apology.”

I’m sorry i have trollish tendencies on the internet and i like to fight with people .. if your friends and “supporters” hadn’t attacked me we could have probably shared some correspondence maybe even worked on something together … but when people attack me i tend to shit on each and every one of them because thats just what i do.. I’m sorry thats my nature, (i get shitted on too but i have thick skin) I don’t take twitter seriously, i think its a funny place .. For me.. Its not a place for breaking news or serious conversations legal battles.. I’m sorry I think its funny..

And here is the video/GIF/piece of art that started the whole thing. Missy Elliott is on the track, which means it’s probably going to be worth a begrudged listen.