Elizabeth Wurtzel Is Publishing Her Next Book, ‘Creatocracy,’ With Thought Catalog

Remember Elizabeth Wurtzel? The voice of the Prozac Nation, 20 years ago? Possibly my favorite current recapper for The Bachelor/ette franchise? A woman who wrote a book called Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women which had her on the cover, glaring and topless? As a voice of a generation, Wurtzel has a proven knack for provocation and driving people crazy: just look at the sheer amount of comments garnered on a 2013 piece she wrote for The Cut on “her one-night stand of a life.”

If you’ve missed Wurtzel in book form, today Thought Catalog Books announced in a press release that they are publishing Wurtzel’s next work, Creatocracy: How the Constitution Invented Hollywood. It’s about America, motherfuckers:

“The defining characteristic of America is our fanaticism: we dream big, we think large, we create grandeur. We invented Hollywood, rock ‘n roll, blue jeans, the Gold Rush, cable TV with thousands of channels, a military that is larger than those of the next ten combined, the shopping mall, and a store that sells nothing but socks… We invented Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and Steve Jobs: so there. We invented personality: so there, motherfucker.”

But for more details, it’s about how the Intellectual Property clause in the American constitution played a role in the creation of American culture today. It may stem from her experience as a lawyer, as she graduated from Yale Law School in 2008. It’s available as an ebook on December 2, with the print paperback edition scheduled for January 13, 2015.

So, now that we have that over with, let’s marvel at the combination of Thought Catalog and Wurtzel. The premier millennial content factory is publishing a woman who’s on record as calling millennials the lamest generation and recommending Led Zepplin II as a cure: “And it is something that only young people who are completely crazy and don’t know better can do. That was before computers. The beautiful thing about creativity at that age is it is brutal and unpolished, and not virtual.” It’s a match made in heaven!