Fair Warning: This Rumored ‘True Blood’ Spoiler Might Ruin Your Friday

We all know which character keeps us watching True Blood. It’s not Sookie. It’s certainly not Vampire Bill. And it’s not even Pam, though we do love her. Nope, it’s Eric, the most complex and unknowable (and, OK, also dreamiest) guy in Bon Temps. So this Season 6 rumor — which will be a giant spoiler if it turns out to be true — has us very worried: there’s talk that Eric might meet the True Death in the sixth episode; what we know for sure is that the seventh episode is titled “The Funeral.” This seems to mean that Alexander Skarsgård would be off the show for good — although considering that True Blood has brought more than one character back from the dead (albeit not the True Death), we won’t start mourning until we see it for ourselves. [via io9]