Fox Is Tangibly Close to Greenlighting the Revival of ‘The X-Files’


According to TVWise, Fox is oh-so-close (but alas, it’s still just not quite finalized) to greenlighting a “short stack” new season — less than 10 episodes — of The X-Files that’ll allow the show’s creator, Chris Carter, to tie up the loose ends left by the last film, I Want To Believe. This short order allegedly applies to two new seasons. The whole revival was understandably contingent upon the availability of stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, and the briefer seasons were likely a way of ensuring they’d be able to participate — this new news also suggests that their involvement has been sealed, and TVWise reports that sources say the two have, indeed, agreed to reprise the roles of Scully and Mulder, respectively. The ideal, they allege, would be for the show to begin shooting this Summer, as Anderson’s BBC project The Fall will be shooting its third season at the end of the year.

An offer has also supposedly been extended to Mitch Pileggi, who played FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner on the show. Carter will pen the scripts and helm the project.