Fun Fact: The Mute from ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Was an ’80s Pop Singer


Remember in season one of Orange Is the New Black when Red’s mute sidekick saved the Christmas pageant from Suzanne’s stagefright with her stunning singing voice? It makes a whole lot more sense after you watch the video below.

In the late ’70s, Annie Golden — who plays Norma Romano on OITNB — led a New Wave band called The Shirts. For the briefest of moments they were a favorite at CBGB’s. Golden eventually went solo with a more pop sound, and among her brushes with fame sits 1984’s  “Hang Up the Phone.” The song, bordering on novelty, appeared on the Sixteen Candles soundtrack. But the real appeal here is the video, in all its ’80s cheese glory.


In addition to her singing career, Golden’s resume is full of odds and ends on the stage and screen, ranging from Sondheim roles on Broadway to one-offs on Law & Order and Cheers. Besides OITNB, her highest-profile screen project to date was probably Milos Forman’s 1979 film adaptation of Hair. (She’s in the back with the curls.)

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