Gamers Rejoice: Nintendo Will Finally Start Making Games for Smartphones

1910416-yoshi_mario_s_hat_super_mario__64After years of very publicly stating that they wouldn’t do it, Nintendo finally gave in to the smartphone gaming craze and announced a long-term partnership with Japanese mobile software giant DeNA on Tuesday. As part of the partnership, Nintendo will acquire over 15 million shares of DeNA, or roughly 10 percent of the company. “By taking this approach, we firmly believe that doing business on smart devices will not shrink our dedicated video game system business and will instead create new demand,” said company president Satoru Iwata. At the same time, the move is “the beginning of a new era,” writes Chris Kohler, the editor of Game Life, on Wired. “This announcement [is] so big that Nintendo had to announce a new console, too” — the Nintendo NX, which will be released in 2016. Gamers rejoice!