Get to Know 25-Year-Old Emma Cline, Whose Manson-Influenced Book Just Sold For Big Money

Aspiring writers, one and all, do you need a new impossibly young writer with a big book deal to resent? Then your girl is 25-year-old Emma Cline, a Columbia MFA grad, Paris Review Plimpton prize winner (for her short story “Marion” which you can read here), and a reader in The New Yorker‘s fiction department, who just got a seven-figure advance for her debut, The Girls, which went to auction with twelve houses. Earlier this week, The Girls was optioned by genius producer Scott Rudin, so it very well may be a movie, and if it becomes one, it’ll be prestige Oscar-bait. For a taste of what The Girls may be about, take a peek at Cline’s essay about her youthful correspondence with L.A. radio scene king Rodney Bingenheimer.