Gillian Anderson REALLY Wants Role in Third ‘Ghostbusters’

How The Ghosts Stole Christmas

As part of the promotion of her new sci-fi novel, A Vision of Fire (co-written with Jeff Rovin), Gillian Anderson did a Reddit AMA. And in said Reddit AMA, a fan asked the actress if she’s at all interested in being in the cast of Bridesmaids-director Paul Feig’s much-hyped, female-led third Ghostbusters (unless this was a producer in disguise as a reddit comment, it was likely an innocent question rather than an offer). Anderson proceeded to get quite giddy, or as giddy as one can come across as being in a Reddit AMA, writing:

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 2.32.57 PM

Casting-wise, it’d either be perfect or too on-the-nose. The theme-song, which I desperately hope they’ll keep intact, could very easily translate to “Is there something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? FBI Special Agent Dana Scully.” Alright, it might not work syllabically, but come on, the whole geek-world would die to see Anderson vacuum up some ghoulies. Goddamn it, let her vacuum up some ghoulies! [Via The Mary Sue]