Haim Sisters Are Almost as ’90s as the ’90s in New Video

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ljg6g7BAdQo]

Haim’s videos have often placed the three sisters in nostalgic environments from their Valley upbringing, which they so often hark back to on their album, Days Are Gone. The “Forever” video had them lip-synching in a San Fernando Valley hair salon — juxtaposed with photos of them as children — and “Don’t Save Me” saw them taking over a high-school basketball court. In their new video for “If I Could Change Your Mind,” the sisters delve into their pop-cultural past, emulating, with only loving irony, the dances of ’90s boy/girl bands (by way of a ’70s set).

The choreographer for this very video (Fatima Robinson) is known for her work with the Backstreet Boys and Aaliyah, and it’s fitting that the sisters don’t exactly nail their choreography with the ease of either; it’s always funny seeing indie rockers doing pop-star moves, and Haim seems acutely aware of its unnaturalness. The video is more a self-aware homage, with the sisters wearing their dance moves like polyester Halloween costumes, managing to have enough fun to forget that they’re synthetic.