Haruki Murakami to Start an Advice Column


“Advice columnist Murakami” may not be the first title you’d consider for the renowned author who can somehow successfully pair quaint cat adoration, jazz and nauseating scenes of getting skinned alive in his writing (“agony uncle,” however, somehow does sound like a fitting title). But the otherwise publicity shy Haruki Murakami has announced, however, that he’ll be accepting emails from anyone with troubles they’d like advice on (be they existential, physical, or spawned from frustration over one of Murakami’s cryptic chapters) for an advice column that’ll be published over the course of two months following submissions. The column will be found on his website, “Murakami-san no tokoro,” which means “Mr. Murakami’s place” — its URL has not yet been revealed, nor has the email address with which you can pester Murakami about how hard it is to become a novelist or cat. He’ll be accepting questions/pleas/meows in a variety of languages, and is open to submissions until late January. [Via The Guardian]