HBO Might Team with Apple to Drop Standalone Internet Service in April

game-of-thrones-iron-throneLike Lord Varys, but without the scheming, the media has its little birds all over this: HBO will potentially be launching their standalone Internet subscription service, HBO Now, at reportedly $15 a month, in April. The company is working with Apple to potentially make Apple TV one of the launch partners for the service. Similarly, they’re in talks with Google to add the service to the Google device lineup. The aim is allegedly to premiere the service with season 5 of Game of Thrones, which will be met with worldwide fervor on April 12.

If the assumed price proves true, the HBO Now service would be slightly more expensive than the $9 a month that new subscribers of Netflix currently pay to access that company’s streaming services. Some estimates have found that an online streaming version of HBO could pull in up to 70 million new customers who currently don’t subscribe to a pay-TV service, including millennials, who have been ditching their TV sets at an alarming rate.