Hear Antony Hegarty and Yoko Ono Duet on “I Love You Earth”


Today is Yoko Ono’s 82nd birthday, and to celebrate, the legendary, oft-maligned artist has collaborated with Antony Hegarty for a revamped recording of her 1985 song, “I Love You Earth.” It’s not a surprising match, given their distinctive voices, though Hegarty’s is distinctively beautiful while Yoko Ono’s is distinctively shrill. The two are also known for being highly engaged environmental and LGBT activists.

They’ve been collaborating on a version of this song since at least 2011, when they performed together in New York City’s Le Poisson Rouge. “I Love You Earth,” which is part of a 2-track LP from Ono and Hegarty, is available for purchase on iTunes. All proceeds go to the Rain Forest Trust. Listen to the song below.