Here’s a Mini-Doc About the Doc “20,000 Days on Earth,” Following a Day in the Life of Nick Cave

Nick Cave 20,000 Days on Earth


The Creators Project has made a mini-doc on the Nick Cave (singer, not visual artist) documentary 20,000 Days on Earth. In the featurette below, 20,000 Days directors Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard reveal their intentions to mine the way Cave has – as have so many artists – spent a lifetime creating his own mythologized alter-ego. With Cave particularly, who’s a known folkloric recycler, there’s a sense of self-creation as a deliberate composite of obscure myths (exactly the reason it was so jarring and effective for him to name-drop Miley Cyrus on 2013’s “Higgs Boson Blues”). “Those personas – the [Leonard] Cohens, the Dylans, the Caves, are quite fragile, and I think we should look after them,” states Pollard in the doc about the doc. “Our culture is shifting in meaning, and there aren’t going to be too many in the future, because you see too much.” 20,000 Days, whose structure was actually scripted (but whose dialogue wasn’t), tries to avoid “fly on the wall” filmmaking; rather than break the fragile myth of the artist, it attempts to reinforce it.