Here’s Matt Weiner’s List of All the Things ‘Mad Men’ Wanted to Cover in Season 7, But Didn’t


As much as fans might wish to see TV finales tie up every loose end surrounding the characters and storylines of their favorite shows, it’s often impossible (not to mention a poor use of precious time) to answer every open question. So it’s no surprise that Mad Men‘s writers weren’t able to revisit quite as many threads of plot as they’d hoped to.

In a “wish list” obtained (and tweeted) by Entertainment Weekly‘s Anthony Breznican last night, at a Writer’s Guild panel with Weiner, the show’s writers enumerate “things we want to deal with before the series ends.” Among the items that weren’t crossed out (suggesting they were still on the to-do list by the time the show wrapped) were some fan-favorite characters — “Dr. Faye”; “Sal — what happened to him?” — as well as a few relationships that were never resolved, from “Pete’s Knowledge of who Don Is” to “Peggy’s dynamic with her Mom” and baby. (Personally, I’d argue that Peggy’s confession to Stan and final interactions with Pete brought more symbolic closure to the baby storyline than the child’s reappearance could have.)

Here’s the full list:

[via Indiewire]