Here’s Morgan Freeman Taking a Nap on Live TV


Look, promoting a movie is tedious. Actors and filmmakers sit in a hotel suite for hours on end, as junket “journalists” come and go every 15 minutes, asking the same questions and usually getting the same answers. Add in the element of an early-morning satellite TV interview and the insipid inquiries of the morning news team, and, well, you just might fall asleep on live television. Or at least you might if you’re Morgan Freeman.

The trouble starts at about 1:25, and here’s what’s great about it: you see him nodding out, and then you see the director clearly choose to go to the B-roll from the trailer to cover it up—but when they cut back, he’s head all the way down, gone. The edit couldn’t be funnier if it were planned.

At least Freeman’s got a sense of humor about the incident. “I wasn’t actually sleeping,” he said in a statement released yesterday, as the clip went viral. “I’m a beta tester for Google Eyelids. I was merely updating my Facebook page.”