Here’s Some Charts to Make You Sad About Movies

Hey there, reader! Feeling sad about how awful most of the big summer blockbuster movies have been? How about the noticeable lack of roles for women in major studio releases? Would you like to have that sadness articulated in colorful charts and graphs? Good news!


First, you’re gonna wanna head over to The Atlantic, where Derek Thompson has assembled “six graphs you need to see to understand the economics of awful blockbusters.” There, you’ll see how the dominance of sequels and reboots, a sharp decrease in active moviegoers, and overreliance on foreign box office, 3-D, young audiences, and ancillary markets has led to the shit-show of assembly line product that we’re seeing every summer.


Next, stop in at Vulture, where the frustrating lack of quality roles for women in studio movies is brought into sharp focus by three charts showcasing the drop in female roles over the past five years, and comparing them to this same period twenty years ago. Spoiler: it’s not getting better.

Happy moviegoing!

[The Atlantic, Vulture]