Here’s Your Cell Phone Video of ‘Ridiculous Six’ Producers Arguing With Native American Cast

Adam Sandler in "The Ridiculous Six"

The raging shitstorm surrounding The Ridiculous Six, Adam Sandler’s Netflix-funded “peepee in my teepee” Western “comedy,” isn’t going away anytime soon (in spite, somehow, of the efforts of Vanilla Ice), and now there’s a nice video to accompany it.

Indian Country Media Network, which broke this whole story last week, has uploaded a cell phone video of the film’s producers and crew arguing with the Native American extras who made headlines for walking off the set in protest of the film’s stereotypical, offensive (and, by all accounts, infantile and unfunny) portrayal of Native culture. And they certainly didn’t pull that response out of the clear blue sky, as the video captures someone—a producer, according to the source—telling the group, “Here’s the thing, if you are overly sensitive about it… then you should probably leave.”

The video runs nearly six minutes and it’s often hard to decipher exactly what’s being said, but overall, it’s a fine portrait of a bunch of white people telling a bunch of Native American people what is and isn’t offensive, and mounting a fierce defense for the unimpeachable right of a millionaire man-child to make the worst fourth-grade jokes about funny names:

“I understand completely,” says the unnamed producer, mustering up all the artistic fortitude of Orson Welles fighting for his cut of Magnificent Ambersons, “but we’re not gonna change Beaver Breath. That’s in the movie.” Something tells me that moment is funnier than anything in The Ridiculous Six.