You Can Watch the Final ‘Breaking Bad’ With Aaron Paul, at a Cemetery


We’re already feeling pangs of loss and emptiness w/r/t the impending conclusion of Breaking Bad—an event that is still several months and eight new episodes away. (We tend to get ahead of ourselves with this kind of stuff.) But co-star Aaron Paul is looking out for us, and planning a monster party for the final show that we’d kill to be at. (Not literally. Not like, blowing up a wheelchair or poisoning a kid or anything.) His proposed—and appropriate—location? The Hollywood Forever Cemetery, the combination graveyard and outdoor screening venue that we told you about last fall.

“I’m inviting the world to watch the final episode with the entire cast in the middle of Hollywood Forever Cemetery,” Paul told Empire Online, and spilled some more details:

First off, we’ll air the pilot and then the cast will all come up and say thank you to everyone for watching. Then we’ll watch the final episode with everybody there and all the proceeds will go to cancer research and drug rehab centres. There will also be one hell of a party.

Paul will convey more of the particulars as the summer event approaches via Twitter. In the meantime, his venue choice has us intrigued—a graveyard screening might be particularly appropriate if an important character or two (or three, or twelve, knowing Breaking Bad) is going to bite the dust in the show’s final hours.

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