Here’s Your James Franco Videos for Today

Just in case you somehow haven’t reached your James Franco saturation point (he’s only got two movies in theaters right now, after all), here are two new videos from everyone’s favorite actor/writer/director/student/piece of performance art. First up, Austin’s venerable Alamo Drafthouse has a new anti-talking, anti-texting PSA, shot with Franco during SXSW, in which he invokes the already-immortal “look at my shey-ut” scene from Spring Breakers to praise the offerings of the Drafthouse, and to implore viewers to shut off their phones and enjoy the experience:

If you’re up for something a little stranger, here’s the Franco-directed video for Daddy (the musical group he formed with Tim O’Keefe). This is the Ted James remix of their song “Love in the Old Days,” with a cast including Franco’s filmmaking hero, the great New York underground director Kenneth Anger (more details at Interview). It’s NSFW, so consider yourself warned: