In Accurate Casting News of the Day, Christian Bale Might Play Steve Jobs in Sony Biopic


Shortly after news that Leonardo DiCaprio backed out of playing Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic, it’s been rumored that Christian Bale — Patrick Bateman, Bruce Wayne, emaciated machinist — is in talks to play the turtlenecked co-genius behind Apple.

Normally, this news would be “meh”worthy, but this project has some real weight behind it. Danny Boyle is set to direct, and the screenplay was adapted from Walter Isaacson’s book by Aaron Sorkin. THR is also reporting that Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Bradley Cooper are up for the role, but c’mon. Bale looks just like the guy.

Shooting would start relatively soon — before Bale’s other in-the-works project, Deep Blue Goodbye — so long as things go smoothly. Judging by the project’s history, that won’t be the case. But, who knows. Think different, right?